Monday, January 16, 2012

Beach Walkabout!!

What a wonderful weekend this was. What an adventure in seeing what mother nature gives us each and every day to ponder, admire and be amazed by. I think we have started a weekend adventure that will fit perfectly into my New Year's resolution of getting healthier this year. (Treadmill during the week and beach walkabouts on the weekends....perfection...pure perfection)

Saturday morning we took a stroll on the Gulf State Park Pier. It's a whopping 1,540 foot long pier and one that gives you a nice little stroll. It was rather blustery here on Saturday but that didn't keep us from enjoying looking out over the ocean and smelling the wonderful salt air. The hubbikins had to keep his hoodie pulled up....bald heads get cold very easily apparently. There were even a few folks fishing but most had just gotten there so no luck as of yet. I was so upset with myself that I forgot my camera. Yep..the pictures above are borrowed. Next weekend I will make sure I have it. There was one pelican that seem to think the pier was his total domain and it well of course could be. You could walk almost close enough to touch him but I so wouldn't advise it. Did you know that they "clack" those big old beaks? I do mean "CLACK" as in "yeah yeah come stick your fingers close so I can clack and crack them". thank you!!! I have to admit though, the Chazman and I stood and watched one for a good bit. The Chazman would walk to the left and the pelican would turn his head and watch him....then the Chazman would go to the right and the pelican would do the same. This went on for a good bit and I so wish that we had the dang camera...then the Hubbikins said "I could take one with my phone". Well DUHHHHH honey..take it then...take it!!!! MEN!!!

Pelican finally had enough peek a seek and waddled his way around to the side of the pier. We left him alone for now but wait til next weekend when I have my camera...."Clack...Clack"..ummm I mean click click!!

It's fun looking over the sides to see if you can see any fish. One person told us they catch everything from string rays to sharks. We didn't see any of these frowning but we did see plenty of jellyfish. There are so many different types of jelly fish and we seem to get several varieties come visit our area...but these....I had never seen before. They are called cannonball jellies because when looking down on them they look like cannonballs bobbing in the water. I don't know if that's really why but that seems like a very plausible explanation to me. ^_^  Very strange creatures....they would come up to the surface and then go back down and drift away. Hubbikins camera phone couldn't pick them up good enough but at least he thought about it THIS time and tried.

We so enjoyed our time on the pier Saturday that Sunday afternoon we decided to go down to a part of the beach that most don't go to. It is located close to Ft Morgan and is so worth the small drive to get to it. A friend had told us about it and Saturday we went to try and find it...we did...and Sunday was the time we went back to explore. I took my camera this time.

Isn't it beautiful? It's part of the wildlife sanctuary and part of the historical site of Ft. actual fort. There were only about 6 people on the beach and yes I know it was a tad bit windy and chilly but I would have thought more would be there. They say it's quite in the summer too but to be warned, because of it's out of the way location there are some that enjoy the sun in their birthday suits. I guess I will have to walk out and yell "CHILD PRESENT..COVER UP PLEASE" LOL or better yet say even louder "OH YES GAME WARDEN....WE LOVE COMING HERE". Which do you think will get their dressed attention faster and before you ask..nude sunbathing is NOT allowed. (sorry guys)

We walked a long way and found a few interesting shells. They say that in the summer you can find some of the bigger shells right off the shore. There is a small sand bar about 5 ft off the shore and that has created a small pond in between so the shells get caught there. There might have been some there yesterday but it was to cold to even think about checking....even for this polar bear. I saw a few strange things I didn't know what they were so I didn't pick them up. Next time I will because in coming home and googling a bit I discovered that they were sea beans. I want them!!!!

This is a picture of something we found I so do not want. This is one of the cannonball jellies that we saw Saturday at the pier. I hate that the poor critter was washed ashore and not alive when we found it. We did put it back in the water hoping it wasn't dead but it was. A moment of silence was taken. While we were standing there in silence I had this strange feeling that I needed to look up and out. OMGOSH....I'm so happy that my muse told me to do it because right there about 15 feet out were two dolphins. I tried taking a pic but my lilttle camera just doesn't have the lens power. Here is my pic and one borrowed from someone that was lucky enough to get a good shot in the same spot on a different day.
These two were so entertaining. Apparently they were fishing and would come up just enough to see their fins come up out of the water but then all of a sudden they would JUMP up and you could see all of them. It was awesome!! We sat down and watched them and the Chazman and I giggled and clapped for them. I realized then that no matter the difficulties that we are going through right now...GOD has put us in a healing place and I'm so thankful and blessed for that.

While watching these playful creatures my vision was taken to a rather tall and slender "something" far off from the shore. There are several oil rigs off the point but I knew that it wasn't big enough to be one of those.
You really can't see it to well...the sun was shining so brightly and again I don't have the bestest (Chazman word) camera in the world BUT at least I have one.  We did have the binoculars so I took a peek through them and this is what I was seeing. (yes another borrowed photo)
I never would have thought it was a lighthouse but there it was. I guess I should have figured since it is on the point of our island. I love light houses!!

Now I could go on and on about things we saw but I think this walkabout has been walked enough for todays post. Thank you for coming along.

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi


  1. The scenery is gorgeous--I felt like I was on a mini vacation just visiting today!

  2. This is gorgeous, I feel like I went on a mini break too! Love the dolphin :)

  3. I love, love, love walking along the beach!!! I miss that so much from Savannah! Looking forward to checking out the Italian beaches this summer and visiting the SE coast of England in July!!!

  4. Hi,
    what beautiful photos. enchants me!!