Thursday, January 26, 2012

Li'l man has a muse all his own!!

I'm so proud of my Li'l man and those that visit here often know that already...ri iight? He is more of a character than I am and just as quirky. That's a good thing!!! is...a....very....good...thing!! Since he is growing (and way to fast I might add) he is discovering that he has a muse all his own. Talk about EXCITEMENT!!!

He is taking art in school and loves it. Seems like he has a really cool teacher that might be a tad bit on the quirky side himself. I love art teachers...they always walk their own path but never mind sharing or taking others along. Last week they worked in water colors and salt. Yeppers...I said SALT!!! Chaz told me all about how they used it before he showed me his art. Very interesting.....very interesting indeed. They drew what they wanted in pencil and then painted it with the water colors and while the paint was still wet they sprinkled certain areas with the salt. It has really a cool effect and one that I want to try myself. would look awesome on one of my water color mermaid doodles. That's getting off track now...this is about the Chazman.

Chaz loves monsters and dragons. He has always loved quirky monsters and dragons...can't imagine just were he gets that love from though. (l@@king around) I really thought when he was explaining what they did that his art would certainly be one of a monster with crazy punk hair and four arms....but I was wrong.  He did a dragon and what a magnificent dragon he did.

He loves all types of dragons but his favorite are the winged ones. Didn't he do a great job? I want to get it matted and framed. I just LOVE it!!! Can ya tell? ^_^   He said that he wished he had put more salt on the wings to give them more depth. nine year old talking about art and depth. So Proud I am!!

Here is a closer look at the wings. I really wish that they would show up better on here. You can see the difference in the coloration but what you can't see is the glimmer effect it gives them. 

My Li'l artist with his own proud....and happy!!!!

Until next time............Hugs, Regi and the Chazman


  1. What a great piece of artwork! It will look great framed!

  2. You should be proud!! Wonderful work. The teacher must be quite good to already introduce him to using salt in his watercolors. Gosh I think I was in my 30's before I found out about it! LOL
    Hugs Lynn
    P.s Regina whts your pinterest name?

  3. Sooooo awesome! Love it!! Way to go, Chaz!

  4. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, right mama? :)) I can see why you are so proud. I love his paintings! Can you imagine what he will be painting when he is 12? Go Chaz!!!! xox

  5. Awesome dragon painting! I can't wait to see what his does next. Sounds like a great art teacher who really enjoys teaching! Go Chaz!