Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th!!!

Evil Kitty with Zombie eye....RUN!!!!!!

Noooo not really...come back's alright...I promise!! See..Ms Peaches isn't really a zombie kitty...she just likes to play like one..hehehehe

She was the first one out the door this morning when the Chazman went out to get on the bus to go to school. She usually walks with us down the driveway but today she just enjoyed sitting in the ivy and watching. Watching out for Zombies I'm sure...muahahahahahah....noooo wait...I'm kidding again. No Zombies here...I gulp hope!!! 

I couldn't believe how chchchilly it was here this morning....29...yeppers...I said 29. I know for some that's nothing but for a place where flip flops are the you know how hard it is to wear your flip flops with socks? Ms Peaches was purrrfectly comfortable but then I would be too if I had a luxurious fur coat on. HA Wouldn't that be a pretty picture? Me in a fur coat (would have to be faux though) and flip flops with socks. I could start a new trend. Nahhhh...I'm weird enough as it is.

It seems that there are other "living" things outside that aren't being affected by our tiny cold snap either. My trees are budding out and they are starting to look marvelous darlins...simply marvelous!!!!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful 13th!! Remember it's just another day....really....I promise. Wait...what's that sound.....I hear shuffling feet and moaning. OMGOSH....I can't believe can't be!!!
It's Zommmmmmmm.....gotcha!!! 

Until next time..........Hugs, Regi

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  1. your zombie kitty and your budding trees! Hope you had a great day!