Thursday, January 12, 2012

Four little mermaids swimming on a......

Well...well..well...I had planned on getting more things done that just four plates but at least they are complete. I guess I shouldn't could have taken so much longer I suppose but the ceramic fish really soaked up the paint and the layers dried much faster than say painting on really...I shouldn't complain!!! So I'll stop complaining...hehe!!

I think they turned out pretty darn good, if I must say so myself, but I surely hope I don't have to say so myself...hopefully someone else will say it too. Hopefully!!!

I do believe that these cute fish plates will make a perfect whimsical "beachy" theme decoration in any home. Sitting on a table by the door to catch those keys we all seem to lose misplace from time to time. A shout out to my sweet friend, Stephanie for that idea. She is a really fantastic artist...not a whimsy like on her name and take a walk through her world. Now what was I talking about....ohh yea....the mermaid fishy plates.....they could also sit in a bathroom with some cute little nautical soaps or even sit on a dresser and hold that loose change. Perhaps even out by the pool to put your earrings or necklace in before you take that dip. I'm sure you could come up with some cute ideas too. So take a look and let your imagination soar!!!! Oh oh ohhhhh...if you click on the pic you can see it much go ahead...CLICK!!!!

Each plate measures 7 1/2' from nose to tail and 6 1/2' from tip fin to bottom fin. Nice size...not to big and not to small. I sealed each one in an indoor/outdoor sealer. The mermaids are my own design and I'm planning on using them for several more "beach" theme items.

Now it's time to settle my muse down and start sculpting some mermaids before she has me putting her in a mason jar for awhile. I will poke holes in the top...she will be fine!!!

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi


  1. Yep, as long as you poke holes in that jar she will be fine and also will learn who is boss! LOL

    Your mermaid/fish plate would be great in a beach house (I'm thinking those I've seen pics of in the South Hamptons LOL). They really are very unique and attractive decorative pieces! I think it is great that you got 4 done!

    Now...on to the mermaids!

  2. These turned out beautiful -I'm glad you liked my idea of a key holder- and thanks for the shout out!