Monday, January 30, 2012

Relaxing weekend with inspiration!!!

This was one of those....just sit back and relax....kinda weekends. Nothing planned (limited budget ya know) and not really anything happening around town. We decided that after the Chazman and I slept most the morning away was a Saturday....AND....apparently we needed the extra sleep!!! So sweet to sleep in late every once in awhile. Now, where was I? Oh yes...our relaxing Saturday. We decided that we would go back down to the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge. I love this's the way the beach and surrounding areas were before anything was built on the beach. I know that I have told you about our beach walkabouts there but I don't think that I have really told you about this amazing "natural" area.

I'm not talking about a small area either....well...if you look at our complete coastline then perhaps it would be. It covers 7,000 acres of natural beauty. It stretches from Hwy 180 (Ft. Morgan Road) in Gulf shores all the way down to the opening of the Fort Morgan Historical site. This stretch of road is a wonderful drive, since it is a peninsula....that means most the way down you can see the ocean.

See what I mean....surrounded by the ocean. At the very top or the end, however which away you look at it, is the historical site of Fort Morgan. I promise that we will go and visit there soon and take some photos to show you. It's a really awesome place and the last time we went we had someone following us around. Not someone that could be seen either. BUT...that's for another day.

The wildlife refuge not only has a wonderful beach area but it also has some amazing hiking trails. Trails that run through some amazing saw palmetto trees as well as magnolias and our famous big old oak trees. All are natural to the area and none were planted, although at times when looking at them you might think that someone did plan the trail out and plant them. Mother Nature was this trails designer. There are some raised wooden boardwalks along the way. These trails take you over marsh land and we all know what loves to live in the marshlands. Gators baby...gators!!! Seems we may have another photo trip to take....down to the trails.

Saturday though, we went to the beach area only. Walked for about 2 miles and found some shells and feathers and something that we aren't quite sure what it is. It's bone we know and I have to admit that it has my muse singing up a store to use it somehow.

Most of the shells we find are broken pieces but that's alright. I can always find a way to use even those. Tell me what YOU see with this one broken shell and then I'll tell you what I see!!

Well...what do you see? Just a shell or something else? I see an angel wing. I'm thinking of doing a clay sculpt and painting with this one. Perhaps a small angel (clay) kneeling down on that small piece at the bottom and her wings being painted inside the shell. I just love that I live where I have so much inspiration just laying around waiting to be picked up and seen.

We found several more broken shells that are already telling a tale themselves as well as some seagull feathers. The Chazman is collecting them and wanting us to make something together with them. Perhaps some dragon wings??

 I'm falling in love with the tiny odd shells or housing that is left behind by barnacles. We are getting quiet the lovely collection. I love these tiny ones attached to one of the shells we found Saturday. This shell would look pretty sitting in a bowl with sand and a few other small shells.

Now let's take a test...see who actually reads my post and who just looks at the pretty pictures...HAHA!! How far did I say we walked? No fair going back up to look. Of course I would have no way of knowing if you go ahead!! ^_^  Yeepers....we walked 2 miles and me being the old ancient one that I am, we had to stop and rest a bit. The Chazman would tell you it was so he could play in the sand...such a sweet boy he is. So I think I will just go with that. We stopped to let the Chazman play in the sand...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! While we were sitting we took out the binoculars so get a better view of what was out in the water. Several oil rigs....I think the hubbikins counted seven in just one area. The lighthouse of course (I showed you that one in my last walkabout post) Pelicans, seagulls, sand pipers and those funny birds that look like big ducks that dive down and swim under water for at least a minute or two looking for a tasty fish or jellie.  OMGOSH....he came up with one. Thank goodness for binoculars. After getting up and walking on for awhile longer and turning around to come back we got to see the dolphins. First it was just three of them.....slowly swimming along. Then about 5 minutes after them came a pod of about 7. One of them flipping his tail each time he came up. It actually looked like he was trying to get the one in front of him wet. Well, ok they are already wet but ya know what I mean....looked like to siblings playing.  Each time we have gone on our walkabouts these characters have showed up about the same time. I could sit and watch these playful creatures all day. See why living on the coast is such a soul replenishing experience filled with inspiration.

Ohhh me...I almost forgot to tell you about another beach character that we had a bit of fun with. We were walking back to the opening to leave and I just happened to look down at a small indention in the sand. Remember, we are at a wildlife refuge so there is no telling what we might be blessed to see. I borrowed the Chazman's walking stick and gently poked at what I thought was a dead crab. OMGOSH...he so was NOT dead. He bounced up and up came those pinchers. I took the stick and gently started touching them and he would make this little chirping sound and "click click" at us. That was his indention and he was going to protect it. I would move and he would turn and follow me...the Chazman would move and he would turn and follow him. We started giggling and he started chirping again. We didn't bother him for long but it was amazing watching US!!

Until next time...Hugs, Regi

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  1. Sounds like such a relaxing, refreshing day! The sand is so white & I'm glad you poked the crab with a stick rather than your big toe, lol!