Sunday, February 26, 2012

Corsage with a secret compartment

I love all the art that I do and I like to mix it up so I don't get bored. I get bored very easily..HA!!! I have of late being working on some more fabric corsages but these hold a secret. Want to know what the secret is? (sitting silently waiting for one of you to say YES)

Ahhhh...YOU said yes...thank was getting way to quiet here. Have you ever gone somewhere and didn't really want to carry your purse just so you would have your lip stick or chap stick with you? If you are like me then chap stick or lip stick is a necessity that just can't be done without. I hate carrying my purse with me when we go to events, like sitting in the park and listening to good music or even walking on the beach. I mean..who would want to take a purse on the beach. won't have to....take a purse...I mean. My newest corsage has a hidden compartment that will hold either one lipstick tube or chap stick. 

This is the front...pretty..isn't it? Just say YES!! This is one of my fancy ribbon roses along with some cotton shabby roses. Vintage lace with pretty fringe hanging down. Pink pearls...oh so pretty!! You don't see the hidden secret compartment you??

Perfectly hidden from anyone...they will think you just have on a beautiful fabric corsage. It hangs nicely too when it's worn. The trick is the pin being attached above the corsage with some of the pretty pink pearls. Can you say pretty pink pearls 10 times without getting tongue tied? ^_^ tried didn't you?

Back to work on some pretty but a bit more plain ones. I'm trying to keep busy as life is throwing us some curve balls at the moment. So thankful I have my art to dive lets my heart and soul SOAR!!!!!!!

Until next time...........Hugs, Regi