Thursday, February 2, 2012

WIP on Owl and Fae

This is my current sculpt I'm working on. Owl and Faerie. Owl is a woodland Barn Owl and faerie is of the feathered fae clan. They are the guardians of the owls. I'm working on some feather wings for her at the moment and getting VERY frustrated. It's hard working with feathers...they just want to "float" away if you let them go. Silly feathers!!!  Ohhh and no worries about the feathers in the pic getting into my clay. They are under the glass I work on when I'm using my clay. It has been a bit overcast here so I have been sculpting in the breakfast nook for better light. I forgot about the feathers and had my hands full when I brought the glass and my work back into my studio area and just plopped it down.

What have YOU been working on today? A sculpt? Some jewelry? Perhaps a painting? Paper craft? This nosey inquiring gal wants to know!!!

Until next time........Hugs, Regi

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