Monday, February 6, 2012

Question for my fella artisans...ppplease!!!

An artisan....I once read somewhere and with my memory can't remember where..."is someone that is impelled to make things. Those things may be functional or strictly decorative. They get restless if they do not create something tangible" 

Yeppers....that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell or should I say oak shell..hehe!! I love to just say the sounds so romantic!! me it does...stop that  giggling.  At least now we understand why some of us are restless..HA!!

My muse has been whispering so many wonderful ideas to me and I am so excited to get started on designing them for her BUT I need supplies. This is where my question comes in to YOU.  Where do you  purchase your supplies from? What kind of supplies you ask...well go ahead ask already.  Supplies as in clay, acrylic paints,faerie wing making items, glitter, those awesome clear beads without holes that look like bubbles (one of her ideas...I have to have bubbles..hehe) feathers, yarn and jewelry making supplies too. OMGOSH...just whatever you can think of that I might like, need or want. Your an know what makes us smile!!

Living in a tourist town you would think that we would have at least one craft store. Just one...that's not asking to much but nope we don't. That's why I need some ideas of where to shop online for supplies. Well...that and the fact that the closest place I can go is about a 40 minute drive and I have no vehicle so that would be a really long walk. Plus I would be carrying a big bag stuffed full of treasures and remember...I'm one of the ancient ones. ^_^

So...please if you will be so kind and leave some ideas as to where I can shop at. Lots of ideas AND the one that leaves the name of a site that I shop at will receive a surprise gift in the mail. Sooo (yes another sooo..hehe) leave a way for me to get in touch with you. 

Until next time..........Hugs, Regi  (already humming " A shopping we will go...a shopping.....)

Ohhhh, to say thank you ahead of time for leaving me some good ideas of where to is a bouquet picked just for you. ^_^


  1. ONLINE! That's where you can get EVERYTHING and then some---with good deals too. Morezmore is a great resource. That and garage sales. You are a most resourceful gal---YES YOU CAN!

    Peace and Hugs,

  2. Those of gorgeous flowers! I am lucky to have Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts & AC Moore all available. That said...I still get much better prices on line most of the time. I try...
    You can sign up for coupons or newsletters & they send percentage off coupons or free ship.
    I'll try to think of more.

  3. Hey lady!
    I order all my class supplies from Dick Blick, they often have sales and shipping deals. I've also heard Jerry's Artorama is a good place.....
    Can't wait to see what you're up to!

  4. Have you checked out Retro Cafe Art? I design for them and I LOVE their stuff! Everything from frozen charlottes, vintage tid bits, collage sheets, soldering supplies and more!'s a small, privately owned shop which makes me happy!