Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Feather (Fae) and Alba (Barn Owl)

Nature holds so many wondrous creatures in her many places she calls home. The woodlands are a place that some believe can be enchanted and I whole heartily have to agree. Native Americans know it to be true as they call to their animal spirits. Our woodlands are filled with magnificent Southern oaks, old barns long abandoned and if you listen closely you can hear the soft beating of wings. The wings of Alba, the old barn owl coming in from his daily hunting. Now most barn owls don't live but a few years but Alba will soon be 100.  He is of course enchanted and will live a much longer life still, as long as he never lets anything happen to his little fae that lives not far from his old old barn deep in the old oak trees. One day a very large owl decided this little fae would make a tasty treat and Alba swooped down and saved her. This act of courage to save this tiny fae...Little Feather....made her give her heart away. Her heart belongs to Alba and with it a long life they can be together in the beauty of the woodlands.

Alba is a handsome fellow....don't you think? He sits right at 3 inches. He is one of my full clay sculpts made without the use of any molds. He has black bone bead eyes and is hand painted using acrylic paints. Little Feather is a tiny 2 inches and is also a full clay sculpt designed without the use of any molds and hand painted using acrylic paints.  She looks a bit taller with her hair of feathers. Her wings are made from feathers as well. She has a pretty half brass medallion breastplate adorned with tiny glass beads and bone beads. Her crown is made from the other half of the medallion. Alba and Little Feather are permanently attached to a polished and preserved piece of wood. This piece was a commission piece by a very sweet friend of mine for her new coming great granddaughter. I know that she will be very excited little Khloe to hear that you have made your appearance into the world.

Until next time..........Hugs,


  1. OOhh ooohhh oooohhhhh this is soooooo awesome. I love this owl you made. Amazing. I can't believe all the detail you create in your little fairies.
    Fingers Crossed

  2. Just amazing, Regi. The fae is cute, but that owl is just...well, like Nicole said, Awesome!!!