Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not a Wordless Wednesday

I know that normally I do a wordless Wednesday post but since I have been absent as of late I wanted to do a not wordless post. ^_^  Also, please do forgive my absence as of late. I have been experiencing some technical difficulties with life. No worries...I'm a tough old bird!!!

I finally completed my little tiny dancer. She looks so pretty standing in her ballet slipper. Faeries love to find items that have some how lost their mate or match...however you want to say it. I do believe that when we do misplace something that the faeries so had something to do with it. I'm happy that Tiny found her a slipper.

Tiny stands at 6 inches (add 1/2 more to that for her feathery hair...hehe) She is permanently attached to her ballet slipper which is permanently attached to her spiral wire stand.

Her wings are one of my ribbon and beaded designs. The pearls on her wings were taken from a vintage wedding veil. I just love to reuse old items.....give them a new life that hopefully will last for even a longer time.

Her tutu is lace from the vintage veil with some of the pearls added. Her puffed sleeve caps are also pieces of the veil. AGAIN....I love to repurpose old items!!! Her sleeves are made from colorful wool yarn. The waist band around her tutu is some of the yarn braided and then attached to the skirt. Her necklace is made from some of the pearls, glass beads and a tiny crystal from the same veil.

Tiny has a strong wire armature underneath a fully sculpted body with the exception of her elbow area. The wire armature was wrapped in the wool yarn letting the hands be gently posed. She was hand painted using acrylic paints and washes. Her green eyes were hand painted onto tiny bone beads.

Now on to the next little faerie calling out to me.....until next time, HUGS!!


  1. I love her Regina, you are o talented, have a great wednesday

  2. Replies
    1. Aww thanks Debbie...I had fun making it!!!

  3. Hey Regi you are on a roll with the dancing dolls. They are spectacular.
    Crossed Fingers

  4. So sweet & lovely!! Great job!

    Hugs on the life stuff! I know things will work themselves out...they always do! :D

  5. Oh clever YOU- I love all the re purposed bits she has and of course she is BeaUtiful! Gorgeous, wondering expression- this might be my new favorite!

  6. She is just precious! So much detail! Great job!