Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's a rather blustery day" said Pooh Bear!!

It is rather a blustery day here. It was overcast and rainy about an hour ago and now it's blue skies with a few clouds and winds that are making the trees whip and twirl. Some CRAZY weather, I must say!!!  We are feeling a bit better today about the weather but we will see how those feeling are tomorrow when the worse comes a knockin. We did put up the storm shutters yesterday when the hubbikins got home from work. If anything else, they will hopefully keep any tree branches or flying debre from breaking the windows.
I have to admit that it looks weird..kinda feel like I'm in a dark dungeon. HA..see the curtains open. I thought it would help.

I promised WIP photos on the Santa I am currently working on. Remember these are WIP (work in progress) photos which means Santa still needs to see the barber to trim up his beard and OH YEAH, he needs a body.

I have his hands completed with the exception of polishing his nails. His feet are complete and YES I know I didn't give him any toes. Ahhhwww....Mrs. Claus won't be able to play "little piggies"..hehe!! I am going to make boots for him so his toes would have been covered so no need for toes. His base (with my name stamped on it...love my little stamper) will be covered with some of my snow mixture. I won't cover my name though...what would have been the point of stamping it. HA!!

Still have a good bit of work to do and hopefully I can get some of it done this afternoon. Thank you for stopping by to visit. LOVE your visits and comments too.

Until next time...........HUGS,

Hummm...now that I have talked about it, perhaps I should have given him toes....OH WELL!!!! ^_^


  1. Your Santa looks amazing so far!!!

    So happy that things seems to be going OK for you, weather-wise. We get such sketchy news over here! Hugs!

  2. Phew, what a relief, I am glad the weather isn't as bad as you were expecting.
    I love Santa's face!!!

  3. Santa! So good to see you! I hope you get your body soon. Don't worry about the toe thing, I hear you are getting awesome boots. :) Glad the weather is not too terrible. Hunker down in your dungeon until it goes away! xox