Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!!!

I love this time of year. The school year is winding down and it's almost time for the Chazman to be home for the summer. WOOT WOOT!!  Before that  happens though, there is still three more weeks remaining and this week is a special one. It's Teacher Appreciation Week!! I love making little gifts to let the Chazman's teachers know just how special they are and that I appreciate all the effort they put into teaching. They have really made this a FUN, learning year and these teachers are the BEST!!

Like every year, the school sends home a "suggestion" list  for us to use for each day of the week. We don't have to follow it but I think it's fun making new things that go with the theme for the day. Here's our list.....

Monday-a flower or small plant. Tuesday-card or letter. Wednesday-sweet treat  Thursday-school supplies and Friday-Donate a book or G rated movie to the classroom.

Now for today's theme of  "give them a flower or small plant" I just had to take it a step further. I mean either one of those would have died in time so I wanted to make them something they could reuse each year and remember the Chazman while using it. I kept it in the plant family or the planting in being a gardner. I saw these awesome plant stakes a good time back and fell in love with them. Someone had taken silverware and had drawn some simple vegetables on a piece of paper, colored them and wrote the name on it. So so cute!! So I did the same thing. I have some old silverware and have been wanting to use it so this theme was the perfect reason to pull that box down out of the top of the closet and put them to use. I varnished the little labels once they were dry so the weather won't fade them or tear them up. Now...I couldn't just give them two spoons so I put the spoons inside a pair of gloves they can wear while tending their garden.

Once I got these put together,  I sat looking at them and just felt it needed a little "sumthin sumthin" to go with it...soooo I made a small "Gardening Tips" booklet.

I think I gave them some really good tips too. Like...did you know that you can get rid of those nasty weeds poking out from in between your sidewalk or garden pavers by pouring HOT water on them. OR....did you know that you can make a safe and nontoxic potion to spray on your flower pot gardens or window box gardens to keep slugs and aphids away by placing one peeled onion, two peeled garlic cloves and one tsp cayenne pepper in a blender...add three cups water and blend til smooth. Let it sit overnight and then strain the liquid into a spray bottle. Coat plants generously and tell those nasty critters bye bye bye. (Psst..the solution will keep in the refrig for about a week.)   ^_^

I made two sets of these as the Chazman has two teachers. Sniff baby is getting big..they started changing classes.  He also has another one that I surely could NOT forget and that's his sweet, speech teacher. I have given her some of my earrings during the year and she always sends me the sweetest note thanking me and telling me she put them on immediately. That just makes a heart feel so does this old artist's heart anyway. Since she seems to like my jewelry, I made her some pretty earrings and in keeping with the "plant" theme I put a silver Tree of Life charm on them.

It really BUGS me when the computer doesn't show the true colors of something. These glass beads are the prettiest burgundy with swirls of yellow and pink in them. HEY....I made a funny...talking about a plant theme and I said it BUGS me...hehehe...get it???

I attached a small notecard with each gift and wrote this little saying...Thank you for planting the seed that helped Chaz's knowledge to grow!!

Now I could hardly wait til Chaz got home this afternoon to find out if they liked today's gifts. Of course, I did have to wait but it was worth it. He came in the back door with thumbs up and said all three LOVED their special gifts. Ahhhhh....that really does make my heart feel good!!! Now on to tomorrow's theme!!!

Until next time........Hugs,

I had fun last year working on gifts too and I just now realized that the theme's were the same then too..hehe Go take a "PEEK" if you weren't visiting the old Southern ooaks tree then. Perhaps it will inspire those of you that need to make a few teacher gifts yourself. ^_^

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