Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top O the Mornin Thursday to ya!!!

Is this year seeming to just be flying by? I can't believe that it's really March already...ok...ok...I CAN believe it, I just can't beeeelieve it...hehe. Ya know what I mean!!!

I took down the Mardi Gras decorations and put up the St. Patrick day ones. Remember...we love to decorate around here. OK.....OK......I LOVE TO decorate around here. (the Chazman does so enjoy looking at them though)I haven't done anything for the mantel as of yet because....once AGAIN.....I'm out of ink. I think that my muse must come in here and print all kinds of things off and doesn't tell me. I KNOW that I couldn't be using it that fast. ^_^  I'm sure I can come up with something that won't require any printing....HUMMMMM!!  Perhaps a short and sweet visit to Pinterest today will give some inspiration.

Here's the things we do have up....Welcome to Regi's B&B

 The wreath, if you are a regular visitor here, ya already know was a past birthday gift but I so love redecorating it for the different holidays. It's amazing what great items you can find at the Dollar Tree. HEY...just sayin!!
 Mr Meet and Greet Bear is proudly wearing his Leprechaun hat and holding his lucky four leaf clover.

 Love our beads from Mardi Gras and they don't just get used for that Holiday either, as you can see.
 Well....this isn't the B&B but it is my kitchen and I couldn't leave it out of the decorations. Could I?
Mr Bear, of course, is wearing his sweet little hat and sporting even more Mardi Gras St Patrick's day beads...hehe

Have YOU decorated for this month's holiday? I would love to know what you do if you have. Inspiration can come from so many places. Speaking of inspiration...I think it's time for that short and sweet *snorting...yeah ri iight* Pinterest visit.

Until next time..............Hugs,

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  1. I have not decorated for St. Patrick's day---and I'm part Irish, lol. Loved the little tour! You've got a very warm and inviting home and I so enjoy my 'visits'!