Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy FAT Tuesday!!!

WOW....the weekend flew by and the parades were a blast. There are more parades today since it's FAT Tuesday but with the weather being overcast and the temp only at 39 (but feels like 34) we are just being couch potatoes today.

Yea....the mister even had the day off and I think he is enjoying just sitting and watching TV (even if it is through closed eyelids at times...hehe) and playing his solitaire game on his phone. The Chazman is still in that horizontal pause mode so that makes the house fairly quiet, which I'm taking full advantage of and working on some jewelry pieces. The first ones I did......earrings!!

 Cockle shells with aquamarine stone beads
 Cockle shells with bronze shell charms
 Moon Shells
 Dyed pearl, polished Jade stones, arc ribbed shells
Same pair as above but with shells turned around. Like having two different pairs in one. 

Once I start working on jewelry pieces I have a VERY hard time stopping. I blame it on my slave driver muse but to be honest....I just love making things. Therapy peoples....therapy!!!  After I finished with the earrings I made some more medallion shell necklaces.
 Three pretty scallop shells all in a row, coquina shell (butterfly), seed & bugle beads, rose quartz beads on a burgundy rope (20 inch) with stainless steel twist closure
 Three pretty scallop shells all in a row, coquina shell (butterfly) seed & bugle beads, glass beads and faerie glitter beads on a small twine brown rope (22 inch) with stainless steel closure.
 Pretty scallop with broken moon shell and two kitten paw shells on a black hemp rope (20 inch) with toggle closure.
 Pretty inverted scallop shell with natural coral and moon shell inside along with one of my wire bone fish on a natural twine rope (24 inch) with toggle closure.
Petrified mermaid tail (broken conch shell really) with two Swarovski crystals on a seed & bugle bead necklace (26 inch) with toggle closure.

As of this posting, these pieces are still available. It seems that I have some awesome friends that have been swooshing by and buying these before I can even get them in my Etsy shop or at Beach Reflections. That's a good thing though. ^_^  If you are interested in any of these please let me know by leaving a comment and your email address so that I can reply back. 

Now........I think since it's starting to sprinkle a bit and the house is so quiet that I'm going to put on a pot of tea and read for a bit. I might even sneak in a horizontal pause. 

Until next time..............HUGS,

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  1. Your life at the beach has definitely influenced your artwork! Of course, you have always done the mermaids and other sea items so I shouldn't be surprised that shells are not the medium of choice. The earrings and necklaces are great. You will sell a lot of those for sure. I like how you have them displayed too.