Friday, February 28, 2014

It's FRIDAY!!!!

Well....are ya happy to see that the weekend is almost upon us? I sure am cause tomorrow is PARADE day..Woot Woot!!!

One of the floats from 2007 (thought it was sooo pretty)

There have already been a few parades already over in Mobile and there is one tonight in Orange Beach but we plan on making a day of it tomorrow because there are going to be THREE that I want to go to. (and there will be no fussing from any of my krewe about going cause tomorrow the old saying is gonna be true, "If Momma ain't happy then NO BODY's happy" hehe. The first parade is here in Foley and starts at 11:00am and then the next one is in Point Clear (near Fairhope) and is sponsored by the Krewe of Mullet Mates at 2:00pm. Then the third one is in Orange Beach at 5:30 and it's sponsored by The Mystics of Pleasure. It's gonna be a GREAT DAY!!! If you live close by then you should plan on attending too. Here's where you can find the parade schedule for Baldwin County. 

Now today (while I am very patiently NOT waiting for tomorrow) I'm working on some of my shell medallions. I had a commission piece that I finished yesterday and once I posted it for them to see on Facebook, I received some request for more. YEA!!  A few wanted just the medallions so that they could put them on chains instead of the roping I use. 

 The base of this one is an oyster shell and the two small pieces inside are called oyster wing. I thought the base looked like a piece of ancient lava rock so I added a dragons egg bead to the center. The bead is actually made from quartz.


 Pretty grey hued scallop shell with a grey hued baby's ear shell. The lil vial is filled with some of the sand from our Gulf Shores beach along with tiny shells.
 Pretty grey and burgundy scallop shell with barnacles attached. A kitten's paw and a vial filled with sand complete this one. 
Grey/buff and burgundy scallop shell with a moon shell and kitten's paw along with a twisted fish bone wire.
(well...that's what the Chazman calls it...hehe)


This is one that I completely finished. Before ya ask, I put the clothespin there so you could get an idea of the size. I haven't completely lost it...YET!!! I call this one "Mermaid Cup" because that's what this shell looks like.....a cup, complete with handle. I used some jasper stone beads and a pretty glass focal bead. The roping is 18 inches and it has a silver toggle clasp.


Another completed one. An auger shell says my mermaid soul and it is an auger but my faerie souls says it's a unicorn horn. hehe

I have more shells ready to be placed in groupings and that's what I'll be working on. (Is it Saturday yet?) I hope it will make today go by rather fast. 

If you are interested in buying any of the pieces I post just let me know. I ship Priority Flat rate (small $5.80) and each medallion will come in it's own handmade paper gift box. Just leave a comment and an email addy so that I can contact you. ^_^

Until next time...........Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll)                          


  1. Pendant #2 and #3 please!!! Thank you so much! XOXO

  2. Wow your shell art is stunning. I mean really stunning.
    Have fun this weekend