Sunday, April 27, 2014

Discoveries on an old Southern road!!

Stonehenge: a prehistoric monument found in Wiltshire, England. Or is it?

Sunday afternoons, especially when the weather is almost perfect, is the time we like to get out and wander some of our Southern back roads. Roads off the beaten path....roads that can lead ya to just about anywhere. Today, one of those roads landed us in.......Stonehenge???  Really, I kid ya not, it truly did. Ok, well perhaps not the original Stonehenge but a replica that made us feel as though we were standing amongst those old and ancient stones themselves. 

Chazman says "Welcome"
 When did this happen?? My 11 year old is only half a head shorter than me??
Uh-uh....Daddy better what out. Chazman is almost as big as him.

We had fun wandering around all the huge stones.....gazing up and up and finally seeing the tops and the beautiful blue sky beyond them. Chaz tried to *squeeze* in between two of them and almost got himself stuck. I had to turn around so he couldn't see me laughing at him....tears people...big old happy laughing tears....pouring down my cheeks. 

We got back in the car and started driving back down the road a bit and Chazman yells "STOP...there's a T-Rex in the trees". I say, "Of course there is baby" and to my surprise when I look over to where he is pointing, there is indeed a T-Rex. Good Golly Miss Molly!!
Chazman jumps out of the car and starts swinging a stick to warn him off. brave lil man..hehe
 Ohhh NOOOO..he's going to eat us!!!
Now just look at that happy smiling face. Who in the world could be afraid of this big old baby? I mean just because his smile holds those very, VERY sharp big teeth AND he towers over you AND could squish you with one giant step AND he likes to eat meat. But HEY....remember if you can run fast enough, he can't scoop you up because he has those teeny tiny wittle arms...hehehe. (Chazman's comment)

Back in the car we go, again and first thing back on the road we come to this very unusual crossing sign. I mean, how often have you seen a dinosaur crossing sign. Apparently, according to Chaz I must have seen them yearssssssss ago since I was around when the dinosaurs were, ri iight!!! He was kidding of course or at least I hope he doesn't really think that. This sign was telling us that several more prehistoric creatures were lurking about.

We saw this gentle giant walking by the side of the road and just had to jump out and try and stop him for a photo or two. 
He apparently likes getting his horn petted and really didn't want the Chazman to leave. 
Another friendly fella enjoying some scratch time behind the ear holes and scales.

After spending some time with these characters we drove on further down the road and it didn't take long to discover another unique and unusual item you don't see sitting off the road a bit. 
Anyone know the time? Yes...this is a HUGE sundial. 

Now we discovered that at the end of this road sits a beautiful marina.....Barber Marina. You could smell the salt air as we got closer and could hear the seagulls hollering out their comical laughter. It was so peaceful and quiet out this far back from everything. Peaceful that is until we looked up and saw this HUMONGOUS spider sitting next to the shop.
Noooooo Chaz, you can NOT take it home!!!!

We had no idea that this place even existed but I'm so happy that a sweet friend told me about it and that we took the drive out to find it. I hope that if you are ever in our area that you will wander down this old Southern road and see all these amazing exhibits yourself. It's easy to find.....just take 98 out of Foley heading towards Elberta and turn right on County road 95  (you will see a Barber Marina sign). Follow 95 several miles down until you come to another Barber Marina sign and turn right onto Fish Trap road. Follow down this road a short time and you will come to another Marina sign and turn left. Start looking then because your adventure will soon begin!!!

Here's a few more photos we took around the marina area. I have a feeling we might have missed  a few hidden treasures so I'm sure we will venture down the road again real soon. 

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. What a cool place! Looks like you had a lot of fun. We'll have to check it out the next time we head down that way to the beach. Have a great week.

  2. What a fantastic outing! Wonderful photographs, and its so good to see you in some of them ;-). xx

  3. Oooooh! Great fun! Thanks for taking us along! I enjoyed the 'trip', lol!