Friday, April 11, 2014

How do your kiddos decorate their Easter eggs?

Happy Happy Friday ya'll. So so happy it's the weekend and very, VERY happy it's suppose to be a pretty one too. I guess I'm just happy all around. ^_^

Now the Chazman may have informed me that he is too old to take treat/goodie bags to school now but he definitely reminded me that he still loves and is young enough to decorate our Easter eggs. Thank goodness he hasn't outgrown everything all at one time....WHEW!!!

We have several ways we like to decorate our eggs and it kinda depends on the mood the Chazman is in with just the way we do them. Sometimes it's just dying them using the ever faithful Paas dye kit.

If we do them that way this year then I'm going to be trying out using my whisk instead of a spoon to do the dipping with. (Yeppers...found that nifty idea off of Pinterest) I think it will be a lot less messy that way but then again....I am talking about the Chazman...hehe  Boys do love to make a mess!!

One year, I totally forgot to buy any vinegar. Had the Paas kit but no vinegar....dang it all!!! No worries though because I thought of a different way to make them and a way I knew that Chaz would love doing. (yes, he takes after his momma....loves crafting) All it took was some glue....several different shades of glitter and lots of newspaper. (that was to capture all the glitter and yes, even young males love using glitter)

Here's one that I want to try out and I think it will be FUN FUN FUN and let the Chazman bring out the artist inside. Decorating using Sharpie pens. How awesome is that? Extremely AWESOME!! Found this on Craft Thyme's blog and many amazing projects can be found there. Go and take a peek!!

Talk about an easy way to decorate some eggs....what could be simpler than taking plastic eggs and some bracelet glow sticks? Not much as far as I'm concerned. When Chaz was really young (toddling around young) we would have loved this easy way. He would want to hide and hunt all day and these would have been perfect for the late afternoon or in the house.

There are so many ways out there to decorate and I hope that these few suggestions will give you some inspiration to try some new ways to do just that.

Now...we love to eat the eggs after we are finished hunting them. I'm sure some are saying "Ewww Regi" but I have been doing it since I was young and well....I'm old and still living..hehe  I would never be able to do the next two suggestions because....well....we all LOVE them right out of the shell. I might make some for a Easter gathering sometimes though. They are really cute.

Until next time..............Hugs,

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