Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tomorrow's the BIG day!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day and I'm so excited. Today was suppose to be the BIG day but I was feeling a wee bit puny.....BUT still excited. We thought it best if we waited a day so that I didn't bring any unwelcomed guest along...hehe  I so don't want to make anyone ill especially at Tacky Jack's, eh?

Tara made a great meeting time (as in 12ish) which means after we meet, the Chazman and I can grab us some lunch. Yeppers, lunch at Tacky Jack's. Mexican garbage....YUM!!!

Since I'm hoping that this will only be the first of many orders that will be placed by the gift shop, I have been very busy designing. I told ya'll in my past post that Tacky Jack's has the mural of the manatees on their elevator shaft and that had me thinking of making a clay charm to use with the shell necklaces. Here's one of the manatee charms along with another clay charm I made. Footprints...."Keep those toes in the sand".

While I was waiting for these to bake and cool I worked on some more barefoot sandals. I will get them listed in my Etsy shop hopefully in a few days. If YOU do macrame and know how to do the simple twisted square knot and switch knot, then I will be more than happy to share my design pattern with you. I have been keeping a log with photos and details.

Natural polished hemp rope, wooden beads, bone beads,quill beads and natural shells

Natural polished hemp rope, wooden beads, glass beads, dragon egg (ceramic bead..hehe) 
Natural polished hemp rope, tiny glass beads, medium glass beads, Howlite fish beads

I'm working on a pair for my 9 year old niece and will get those and her other gifts posted tomorrow. It was her birthday yesterday and when I called to wish her a Happy Birthday she said that she wanted some of my jewelry. Big girl pieces not baby ones....hehe!! I guess she is growing up, yes?

Until next time...............Hugs,

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