Sunday, June 8, 2014

No beach today :(

Well....there seems to be a herd of bulls gathering round the old watering hole and it looks like we just might need to stay far, far away today. Now.....I bet I have you wondering "why in the world would Regi be afraid of a bunch of bulls". I mean they're just a bunch of silly male cows, ri iight? Not these ones.....they are bull SHARKS. Ya know.....those creatures with rows and rows of all them big, ole teeth. I so don't want the Chazman or me getting confused for the lunch buffet.

Since I'm not getting my mermaid soul time in at the beach today, I thought I would finish up the newest batch of shell jewelry I have been working on.

Someone asked me not long ago about how did I pick my groupings. My answer was......that I don't. They pick themselves. I just grab several at one time and thumb through them and it seems they just kinda pop out all on their own.  This one was no exception either. I love the simple light blue/grey hues that some of the shells have once they have been cleaned and sat to dry completely. This piece is hanging on an 18 inch natural polished hemp rope. The base is a scallop shell with three kitten paws (they look like lace to me) and the top of a broken spiral shell. Silver wire twist with vintage faux pearls hanging down beside shells. I used some more vintage faux pearls along with some pretty Tibetain spacers.

I love wearing these with my scoop neck tshirts and an 18 inch rope is perfect for that. This one has the scallop base along with a beautiful brown/green/grey moon shell and a natural piece of coral. Silver twist wire hangs over the coral. I used some of my amber quartz beads and tiny ceramic beads on the rope.

Now, I love to do groupings with my medallions but when I am given the gift of one of these....well....they are pretty enough to be all by themselves. This is called a baby's ear. Mother Nature even put a perfect hole in the top so that I could use it. I wanted to keep it simple so I used two wooden beads and a Tibetan turtle charm. Beads on the 18 inch ( must be 18 inch day....hehe) rope are black acrylic beads and Tibetan spacers.

Now here's one of my whimsical ones. I love the saying "Put your toes in the sand" and this is just what this piece is saying and's on a 18 inch rope. Scallop shell is the base with an oyster shell and a small scallop shell attached. The feet charm is one of my hand sculpted clay charms and the glass vial attached is filled with sand from Gulf Shores and tiny shells found on a beach walk. On the rope I used natural wooden beads and small bone beads. It has that "hippie" vibe, yes? Hang ten dudes and dudettes!!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

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  1. I like these. They say "BEACH BABE" loud and clear, lol.