Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tacky Jack's...Here I come!!!!

It's official and I'm floating, dancing, cheering, hand pumping in the air and WOOT WOOTing from cloud nine. Yes, I really am doing all those things and at once. (great accomplishment for the gal that can't walk and chew gum at the same time..hehe) Tacky Jack's.......HERE I COME!!!!

Tacky Jack's in Gulf Shores, AL
1577 Alabama 180

We love this location...there are four all together. The other three are located in Orange Beach, Ft. Morgan and on Battleship Parkway in Mobile...all of which I'm sure are just as awesome. I really love this one because sometimes (and not often) if you happen to be there at the right time you might get a glimpse of one of the original mermaids or as some others like to call them, sea cows. A manatee.  That's one of the reasons that their elevator tower is painted with this amazing underwater scene. Mural artist, Dwight Kirkland, painted this one and man oh man is he one talented artist indeed. The other reason that the tower was painted with this scene was for the Manatee sighting network to help raise money for research for the manatees in the Gulf of Mexico. They are a protected species so if you ever encounter one of these gentle creatures....look but do not touch. (yes...its against the law to have any contact with one) My muse is whispering that since this location LOVES the manatee (ahhemm and so do I) and it's where my jewelry is going that I might want to think about making a clay charm of a manatee and using it with my shell necklace designs. What do YOU think?

Now I'm very, VERY excited about being selected to be one of the local artist featured in this new endeavor that Tacky Jack's is pursuing, it's such an honor indeed!! I'm also very excited that these are not commission pieces because they purchased them outright. That's a very good thing and if all goes well then they will be ordering more in the future. (fingers crossed) This is a wonderful opportunity to get my name out there too...a bit scary but a good scary. 

Here are the ones they purchased for the opening of the local artist corner. Now remember, if you're in the area after next week then by all means please go by and eat (some AWEmazing food by the way), enjoy some great service and then wander down to the gift shop, look and buy!! ^_^ Ohhh..don't forget to walk down to the pier....ya might just spot one of those mermaids. 

Until next time...........Hugs,


  1. Congratulations! I'm sure they'll be ordering more.

  2. Thank the gods that a company knows the value of purchasing outright. Consignment is such a rip off.
    I am so happy for you. I know your really are doing all the happy dance stuff at once.