Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Love Steampunk....do you?

Beginning note: If you are my Lauren and are starting to read this then STOP and go no further...ppplease!!!

Just what is steampunk? Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that brings together the 19th century and the workings of futuristic machinery. Steam powered machinery and the use of brass, wood, working gears, leather and a whole lot of imagination bring this genre to life. Think of it as an earth alternative but in the 19th century. To get my imagination flowing I like to go to two of the best classic novels that really explore this unique and different way of thinking...."The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells and "Around the World in 80 Days" by Jules Vernes. Both get my muse to singing!!!!

I started with the basics......watch gears and pieces along with a lens from a pair of reading glasses. I just let my imagination go wild and whimsical and we all know just how wild and whimsical that can be.

Why the reading lens I bet you're asking. I wanted to make a monocle. Monocles were widely used back in the Victorian era which was in the 19th century and once you add the watch pieces and gears then you've designed something that fits perfect into the steampunk genre. It amazes me sometimes (and some have called me weird because of this) that I can "see" different objects within other objects. Like when I poured all the gears and pieces out on the desk and whooooo should show himself but a wise old owl.

A wise old owl....how perfect is that for a monocle focal point? Peoples who read the written word are just like the wise old owl. OK...maybe not just like a wise old owl but it can help the mind to expand if you pick  up a book and read. HEHE  If you haven't read the two classics I mentioned above then please do...they are both excellent tales of adventure.

I'm going to attached the monocle and some other items to a long silver chainmail necklace to keep within the Victorian era. I love the long necklaces they wore back then.....so elegant and pretty.

Here are all the pieces I've made to go on the necklace and with the way I'm making it more items can be added in the future.

Here's a close up of the monocle. As you can see I attached a pair of silver angel wings to the pieces and then added the owl on top of those. At the (left) bottom of the monocle I made a nice collection of watch pieces and gears. On the other side there is a Celtic cross with faux diamonds (if you did NOT pay attention to the first sentence and are still reading Lauren, sorry sweet girl...wish they could be real) and hanging from the cross is the letter "L" charm and a dangle made using a larimar butterfly bead (Larimar is believed to awaken feminine power and soothe emotions) a moonstone (Moonstones are believed to protect, bring good fortune and passionate love and are best called upon during a full moon) a Swarovski crystal (just because I thought it was pretty..hehe) and a falling time watch charm. We all need to let time fall as we need it too.

The next piece is one I'm sooo happy that I found. Found it at Hobby Lobby believe it or not. I was really surprised at all the great charms they have. I could have bought so much more if only I had the money...hehe. I like this key because it reminds me of the skeleton keys they used in the Victorian era for those beautiful homes they lived in. Lauren lives in NOLA where so many of those beautiful homes still stand so I thought it even more fitting, yes? Attached to the key is a dangle that holds a amazonite bead (amazonite is called the "Hope" stone and is believed to bring luck, promote kindness and balance) a dragons egg (which is a debride quartz that is believed to bring peace, harmony and balance) a prehnite bead (prehnite stones are believed to connect will and heart) and a tiny glass vial filled with wish dust (glitter....just cause it's pretty too)

The last piece to go on the necklace is a leather bound tiny journal with a fleur de lis attached to the top. (Go Saints)  I mean she will have a monocle and she might just read something that she wants to jot down and remember. The journal will let her do that. I added another watch charm to pull it together.

Here's the necklace all put together. I think it turned out VERY steampunkish and I love the length. It will allow Lauren to pull the monocle up and actually use it. (without choking herself in the process. Aren't I smart?)

Now.....it's on to the next project to get finished so I can get this piece and that project in the mail to arrive to my beautiful nieces by Christmas.

Until next time...........send me wishes that time is on my side and that Lauren did NOT read this post...hehe,

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  1. WOW Regi, this turned out AWESOME! I used to have a chain exactly like that when I was a kid. The owl is WONDERFUL! It hangs just beautifully and it definitely is a one of a kind treasure! Someone who adores all things Steampunk is going to LOVE this! GREAT WORK, Regi!