Friday, December 5, 2014

Pretty Pretty Peacocks

Good Morning peoples and WELCOME. I love when you come and spend some time under the old Southern ooak tree.

I finished the special order of hand painted peacocks on the glass Christmas ornaments. I think they are going to look lovely hanging on a tree with lights shimmering off of them. I really enjoyed painting a pair of these beautiful creatures. What a unique item to be a collector of, yes? That's who these were ordered for. Perhaps I can talk Shannon into sending me a picture of the tree.....we would all love to see it I'm sure. If she does I will post it here in an update. (good way to get you to come back...hehe)

Today I'm going to work on a steampunk I started planning over a month ago. YIKES....has it been that long already peoples? Do you remember the piece? I did get the main focal piece started for it A wise old Steampunk owl.

I need to go to Hobby Lobby (ohhh poor me...a trip to Hobby Lobby...snicker snicker) to get some more watch pieces to use for the monocle that the owl will be a part of. Yes, you read right. I'm making a monocle necklace. A FUN piece for sure.

I hope that YOU have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend. Do something creative if you get the chance....make some gifts. Nothing better than a gift given that's been made from the heart and with your hands for that special person.

OMGOSH....I still have to put my tree up too. Good grief how did December sneak up on me peoples. ^_^


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