Thursday, December 4, 2014

OMGOSH...It's WHAT month???

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving that was spent with family and friends. Of course, if it was spent in perfect quiet times then that can be good too. No matter who is with us I know that we all have things to be thankful for and that's what that time of year is for. I'm thankful every day and tell the good LORD every day too.

We went to the big easy, New Orleans, to be with my little sister and her family. We had plenty of food to eat and man oh man by the third day of turkey I think we were ALL very happy that it had all been eaten. Of course, what did we eat for dinner the first night it was gone........fried chicken...hehe!!

I do believe that I'm falling in love with this old city and all of it's charm and characters that already call it home. Even the Chazman is falling hard and fast. Might be a place to consider in the future as both Chaz and I are definitely characters ourselves and would fit in perfectly. My sister had to work every day except for Thursday and on Saturday everyone was happy staying inside and chillin.....well....everyone but me. I drug the mister out and about and walked the city and walked and walked and walked. Yeppers, we kinda got lost a few times but at least it's an interesting place to get lost in, yes?

We went to Jackson Square in the French quarter where the local artist have their paintings hanging all around and some of the local musicians play and the street performers entertain. ^_^  I think I could have sat on the curb and watched all the peoples for hours and did sit and watch for a spell. A spell I do believe might have been cast as for a small bit of time I was taken back in time to see just what the square might have looked like back in the beginning. (I LOVE history) If you're not familiar with Jackson Square you really should read about it some more...very interesting.

The main focal point of the square is the beautiful St Louis Cathedral. It was closed the first time we went to visit but this time it was open and oh my....what an amazing piece of art all in itself.

It was so peaceful inside and even though there was no mass going on everyone was being very respectful. Well, almost everyone that is. One person's cell phone started playing a VERY loud song and I have to admit it was quite comical watching that person try to get it to turn off and saying "Oh my Lord, please forgive". I had to walk out to keep from giggling to loud. Like I said....very entertaining place indeed!!

Now that we are home I have been working on some commissioned glass ornaments and have them all finished with the exception of just three more that I will be painting as soon as I leave from under the old Southern ooak tree this morning. ^_^ The first ones are of some strong personalities that I so hope that I captured for their human. no not those bad guys but the breed. Take a look.......

I think I did a good job of capturing these two boys. I have to admit that their humans sure are brave souls. Having two male bullies in one home that aren't related by blood. I'm told they are happy, happy boys so that's good. They haven't seen these yet and I'm hoping they like them. (fingers crossed)

Now my next piece took me several tries and I'm not sure I'm really happy with the end results but the friend I painted it for loved it and that's the most important thing. Black cats are VERY difficult to paint peoples!!

I could NOT get  Smith's eyes closed to look right so I painted them open which I should have done to begin with and it would have saved me from muttering several words that I really shouldn't have been muttering......even to myself. (blushing)  Like I said though, she was very happy with it and that makes me happy.

As I said earlier I have the peacocks to paint and then one more cat and I'm going to have to say NO (I hate to say NO...I really do) to any other request for a bit so that I can get my family gifts made. Two nieces have requested certain gifts and I like to make things I know they want. One is the steampunk piece and the other is for clothes to fit her Monster High dolls. Those are just two....there are still MORE I have to make as well. YIKES....what month is this? I have got to get me hiney in gear.

Mermaid kisses and starfish wishes peoples,


  1. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! New Orleans has cast a spell on many a good peeps. I think you'll most likely bust something inside by trying to say 'no', lol. Good luck with that! ;)

  2. HAHA...I do believe you're right. You do know me so well.