Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bout there y'all.....the cave remains!!!

Happy Happy Tuesday peoples!! I hope that you had an amazing weekend and even an awesome Monday. Yes, I know, you're sitting there shaking your head thinking "Regi....who likes Monday and who ever has an awesome Monday?"  Just think of it this way....if you awake on a Monday safe and warm in your bed then YOU made it through another weekend and we all know what can happen in a weekend. ^_^

I had a good weekend since I helped out at my favorite little gift shop (Beach Reflections and the Blue Mermaid) on Saturday and then started putting up my Christmas decorations on Sunday. I'm a bit late getting them up this year but at least I'm about there y'all. Finished with the exception of the Chazman's cave and then it's all done. YEA!!! I have to get a few more garland strands and then I can do his. So happy happy that my child is like me...weird ummmm I mean festive...hehe!!

So....now that I have everything done, how about your annual Southern ooaks Christmas tour. I have old new things this year thanks to a wonderful friend that remembered me. (Thank you Sharon) I love having friends that keep me in mind when they come across treasures that someone doesn't want anymore. They know that I surely can figure something to use it for. (and I always do) ^_^  So let's begin...shall we!!!

HO HO HO...Welcome Welcome to this old humble home!!

This is a Santa I painted years ago but revamped him a bit this year. What better way to greet my friends and family than with Santa. His stare and look are saying "Have you been good this year?" Answer honestly now or are you one of those that your letter would read:

Dear Santa,

I've been good all year. Oh okay, most of the year.
OHH okay, once in a while. 
OHHH never mind.
I'll buy my own stuff.

Once we close the door (which is by the way...always opened to my friends) I have my vintage planter sitting by the door and it's filled with goodies in the top basket. Those that know me, know that I'm beary fond of my bears...hehe...and I really love using them in my decorating. This Ted E and his snowman offer my visitors a gift choice from the items in their basket. Nothing fancy but made from the heart....some of my card tags and chenille ornies and even one of my oyster/moon/scallop shell ornies to choose from. Come visit!!!!

Now our front room that you walk into when you enter is lovingly called "Regi's B&B" and I love to sit in this room and read. So comfortable and calming. The Chazman lets me use his vintage tree under glass in here and well I'm trying to figure out a way to get him to leave it with me when he moves out one day...hehe. His aunt and uncle gave it to him when he was just learning to walk. We would visit and at Christmas time they would have this out on the coffee table and he would immediately go straight to it. His uncle wants everyone to think he's this tough "I don't care for humans" but he is really just a big old softy. He gifted this to the Chazman that year. Since I have the angel at the head of the bed I used the pretty clear lights and the red for around the little tree. When Chaz saw it he said "Hey Mom....you did it for "Naughty or nice". I hadn't even thought of that but we'll go with it. I like it!!!

 See my little reading corner....love it!!!
 Other side of the "B&B"
See...I really do love using my Bears. I  have ummm let's say lots and lots of them. Once ya love a teddy ya always love a teddy. See the wooden rocking horse? My Daddy made that and all of the grandkids really enjoyed using it too. (even when they got big...hehe) It's the Chazman's as Daddy gave it to him when he was little and Chaz is just as sentimental as his mommie and says he will always keep it......so his grandkids can enjoy it too one day. (in the far far FAR away future)  
 This little tree was one of the treasures a friend gave me last year. It's has the fiber optics and is so pretty when lighted.
This door takes you into our family room from the B&B. I loved making this wreath and YOU could make one too. Just click here for my "How To". Simple and easy to make...just time consuming...a little. ^_^

My ribbon netting is my old new decorating item as well as the cute candy and large ball ornaments. These are the ones my sweet friend, Sharon, brought to me. 
If you visit with me each year for the tour then I'm sure you noticed that we don't have the tall, full tree like we have had in the past. Nope...it finally bit the dust BUT we enjoyed it for many years. This year we bought a live tree and OMGOSH, I love the way it makes the house smell. Piwacket does too for she is practically living behind it..hehe. Hopefully though, I can find another pretty full big one after Christmas on SALE. This little tree would not hold all my ornies but at least we have a beautiful tree with the ones it would hold. The Chazman and I are HAPPY!!!

This Santa is hanging over our sofa and hanging from the little Santa clothes pins I painted are two of my favorite Christmas cards from one of my bestest buddettes. (luvs ya Johanna)

Now, if ya come to visit be very careful who ya walk under the kitchen door with cause that little Ted E is holding mistletoe and we all know what you're suppose to do when walking under mistletoe. Noooo, it's not sneezing....hehe!!!

 More pretty ribbon from Sharon!!!
I LOVE to bake and this time of year my little cake plate stays filled. I made a delicious chocolate cake with apple caramel frosting. Yum yum yummy!!!
Have ya noticed all my mugs? I collect them and love them all but especially the vintage old Santa ones. 
 More pretty ribbon from Sharon!!!!
Our little cookie cutter tree..hehe. The Chazman and I love to make cookies and it helps keeping them close by not to mention they make a great decoration too. 

Now...that's the tour for this year. I still have the Chazman's cave to go and then it's time to get my hiney in gear and get to making gifts. Ppplease remind me next year to start early. ^_^

I do hope that YOU and yours have a wonderful Christmas and remember what this time of year really means. A time that we as Christians commemorate the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Celebrate and be kind to one another!!!

Blessings, Peace, Love and Hope,

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  1. WOW, WOW, WOW, Regi! It's all so cozy and inviting! I just want to come over and put my feet up---and HAVE CAKE!

    I LOVE what you've done with everything. You put me to shame Missy! We only really focus on the three trees here. I really don't have much to scatter throughout the house, but your Santa is up by our other Christmas tree in the dining room. ;)

    It was a lovely peek into your HOME!