Sunday, June 21, 2015

A WIP on EWWL June challenge

Happy Sunday peoples. I hope that all the Fathers out there have a wonderful and very Happy Father's day!!!  A Happy Father's day to my love and the Chazman's Daddy. We are so blessed to have him as ours. He works hard and does without so we can have the things we need and loves us with all he has to give.

I worked on my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde piece some yesterday afternoon. Working on it and still in the planning phase apparently. BAHAHA!! Does anyone else do that as they are working? I was going to do two different pieces and let them be standing back to back. After going back and reading some of the original novella I decided that I wanted to stay with what the story was really about....split personality. One person with possible multiple personas residing in the one body. Making of two different pieces is out!!

 I still have some major tweaking to do with it before it goes into the oven but it's getting there. I think you will get just what I'm going for though.  Remember.....these are WIP ("work in progress" for those that didn't know) and I'm still working on the face(s).

 Dr Jekyll. I broadened his nose and chin and smoothed out his lips some.

Mr. Hyde. I puffed out his cheeks a bit more to give his smile hopefully a more sinister grin. 

The two faces put together. I like Mr Hyde's profile but not the Doc's. His needs to be pulled back some. He will be wearing a victorian lace collar so the jutting of his chin won't show as much but I'll know it does. That drives me bonkers sometimes....even though something will be hidden in the costuming, I still know it's there. 

Until next time.................


  1. Well, you're brave to tackle such a piece. I like the idea of the two faces on the one body, that is essentially what he was, no? And, ya' know, you could always trim his chin down a little so it doesn't bother you. .. or heaven forbid, poke anybody. ;) :D : )