Wednesday, June 17, 2015

No more stinking cute lil rocking horse BAHAHA

OMGOSH.....I've finished my EWWL (Every Witch Way Lane) Halloween Flea Market swap piece. Hold please,  while I do the happy chachacha dance, will ya?

If you've been following along then you know just what I'm talking about. If not then slide down to the bottom of this post and look at a few of the latest past post. ^_^

Just in case you don't have time right now to go look at the past post and you're scratching that noggin wondering what in the world I'm talking about then here's what's been happening. I started with my swap partner sending me this cute lil wooden rocking horse.

Very cute indeed BUT this group loves Halloween so the cuteness just had to go.....far, far away!!! I must admit that I had to do a day or two of thinking and scratching MY noggin trying to decide just what I was going to do with this piece.

I thought "Ahhh Haaa" I'll paint it black and then do a Day of the Dead painting on it. Ya know, horse skeleton bones showing and then a pretty skull face painted. Once I had it painted black though I decided that idea would be something that everyone would probably think of and I wanted to be my quirky, whimsical, total unique self and do something different. Yeah. yeah, y'all already know I'm a bit weird.

Just like a light bulb going off I knew exactly what this lil horse really wanted to be. A DRAGON!!! I thought about covering in clay but decided that would take a whole lotta clay plus make it awfully heavy for shipping out to my next swap partner. I love working with paper so paper it was. Do ya like the scales? In one of those past post I wanted YOU to go look at I did a "How To" on making dragons scales. *HINT: dragon scales can also be made into corner bookmarks.....just sayin!!!

After the tail was complete I started on the body. When I make my clay dragons I don't do the individual scales like the tail but do the larger overlapping scales. I think this worked out good for the paper too, yes?
I went ahead and doodled what I wanted the face to look like along with the ears and horns. Some of the face got tweaked a tiny bit but it was a good tweak.

I started to paint the face but once I did it just didn't POP to me enough. So of course, that meant I just had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby and see what I might could find to give this dragon that "POP" he needed. Ohhhh, did I ever find what I was looking for. Awesome glass dragon eyes!!

Once all the wrapping was done (bet he felt like a mummy for awhile....hehehe) I painted the whole piece red. Perfect color for a fire breathing dragon. Added the eyes, eye lids and rhinestone embellishments.

Close up of face. 

It's hard to see on the computer image but once everything was completed to this point I washed the whole piece in a orange glitter. Not a whole lot but enough to give it a dragon sparkle.

Now since this is a FIRE dragon he needed some flames coming out of that snout. He also has beautiful flames wings as well. Once I decided it was a fire breathing dragon which meant that he had the ability to scorch peoples then he was surely a fire breathing man eating dragon.

I covered the rockers in a creepy spider paper and then attached a chalkboard label (so that the wording can be changed) and of course added the bones of his victims. Well......they shouldn't have gotten close enough to be scorched and eaten.....DUHHHH!!! ^_^

I'm very happy with how this piece transformed and so hope that whoever my swap partner is for the trading that they will like it too. However, I will NOT be held responsible for any scorching this lil guy may do once he leaves here. 

Until next time.............

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