Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wonderful Surprise!!!

Most that know me, know that Saturday is the day when the Hubbikins, the Chazman and I go on our treasure hunts. Today was the perfect day to hunt too....beautiful blue skies and temps that reached the high 70's. OMGOSH.....the flip flops came out of the closet and placed upon my feet....owwww weeee they felt so good. Ohh yessss they did!!! Of course, most know that my "treasure hunts" are actually when we go to yard sales and estate sales. The saying is true "One man's junk is another man's treasure" and today proved it. We found two conch shells (ohh yes..the muse starting singing LOUDLY.....her sweet mermaid song) One of them medium size and one of them is HUGE....HUMONGOUS....ENORMOUS....ok ok I think ya get the picture. ^_^  Actually with the HUGE...HUMONGOUS....ENORMOUS (I like how those words rolllll off my tongue..hehe) one, I see several mermaids. We also found two bags stuffed full of yarns....I mean really nice bags...not the paper or plastic ones...the bags alone were a very nice find and the yarns were awesome too.

My greatest treasure today though.....was discovered in my mailbox. While we were out and about the mailman delivered a package and I imagine that he was very "thankful" that I was not inside the house. If you follow my posts then you know that I get "VERY EXCITED" and I do mean VERY excited when I see him pulling up to our box. My treasure was the lovely gift I received from one of my visits in the OWOH journey. (again...thank you thank you thank you Lisa for the amazing adventure this year) It was from Marsha over at Sassy Mini Dolls. I won two of her beautiful Lavender sachets. They smell delightful...really...they do!!! The Chazman keeps picking them up and holding them to his nose and taking a deep breath and saying "AHHH".
She sent them wrapped in a beautiful tissue paper that I will of course be using's just to pretty not to find a use for it. (My muse is gently whispering ideas already) A very "French" thank you note was placed atop the tissue wrapped gifts tied off with a silk black ribbon. (my muse has ideas for that too ^_^) I love my gifts and to Marsha I have to say a HUGE..HUMONGOUS...ENORMOUS....MERCI!!!
I hope that you will go and visit with Marsha. She is an amazing artist and her blog is such fun to wander through. I know that I will be going to visit with her. I'm so thankful that the OWOH journey lead me to her and her work. AND it's not winning the gift that makes me say's the fact that she is someone that makes you feel as though you are friends right from the start and that is a gift that will keep on giving!!!

Until next time......


  1. Hello Regi,

    Oh, my, now you have me blushing :) I am so happy you like the sachets!!

    And I am jealous, flip-flops, sun, warmth and TREASURE hunting, girl, that is my kind of day!!! I did make it over to Good Will today and found a cute little silver baby's cup with the cutest handle and some other items for a project I'm working on . . . my sewing machine's been humming all day!!!

    Hugs and kisses!!


  2. Hi Regi! Wow, you lucky duck! :) I'm glad you got to go thrifting, and those conch shells do sound pretty amazing. What are you going to make with them? xo Pam

  3. Wow! What a gorgeous surprise in your mail!!! Soooo pretty! Congrats!!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I love treasure hunting but the charity shops round here (the boutiques as my Mum used to call them) have gotten so expensive, it's rare to find a bargain!

    Carching up on posts - HUGE congratulations on being published! EEEEK!

    And fabby win too :P OWOH has just been amazing for meeting up with such fabulous people we might not have otherwise stumbled upon hasn't it? ...and a fair share of nutters too. Not looking in any direction or anything. *whistles*

    CArmen x

  5. Congrats to you- I love getting mail especially pretty gifties from my friends! And, yes, I too save it all, the papers it came in, the notes; any and all of it finds a new home with me:)
    We've had beautiful weather here too, I am SO ready for Spring and I can't wait to see the conch shell reveal, I know it will be wonderful, special and of course have sparkly eyes....
    Big Hugs to you!

  6. Congrats Regi...on the lovely OWOH gift & all those fabulous tag sale finds. That means for us, we will be seeing many more beautiful creations!

  7. Regi, it sounds as though you had a wonderful weekend with your hubby and Chaz. Congratulations on your OWOH win...the sachets are lovely! Congrats also on your successful treasure hunt! We also had a good Saturday treasure hunt...visited a couple of antique stores and found a few bargains. I do love a good bargain. It's not been quite warm enough yet for us to have any yard sales. I'll be having a big one in about three weeks...lots of stuff to pass along to others. Right now, it's all sitting in a corner of our rarely used front parlor. I can't wait to move it along to its next owner! :-)

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


  8. Mon cheri! Tres chic!
    Not sure I spelled any of that one good, but I do envy you! I love these sachets. You sure did made out like a bandit you did! Someone took the words out of my mouth...luckie duckie! I did have a blast this year even though I only could visit about 25 of the 113 on my blog alone, not couting the ones I missed, time did not allow me to fully enjoy like I wanted to. So, no wins but I had so much fun and made some really lovely friends. I owe it all to you Regi. I met you and then found out through you OWOH! I'm so glad! Sorry bout the late post. Ive been sick, post on my blog will give you an inclination of that! Congrats on this beauty though I must say!