Monday, February 21, 2011

Listen to the Ocean!!!!

FINALLY....we had some amazing weather this weekend. High in the 70's....light breeze....bright blue skies..just the perfect weekend. I even got to wear my flip flops...YEAH ME!!! I know I talk about my flip flops a good bit but I just adore them...really I do!! I do need to paint my lil piggies though but that's another story or not..hehe!!

The weekend starts on Friday after the Hubbikins gets home from work. Friday's are never to terribly exciting but we always enjoy them. Time to wind down from the week and relax. Usually it is spent watching some favorite TV shows (Supernatural being one of them....I try so hard not to "drool" in front of Hubbikins but it's really very, very hard ^_^) and eating pizza. The Chazman of course is either playing one of his games and bouncing back and forth in the family room with us to watch TV or playing with his GI Joe's at the dining room table. Sometimes I just sit and giggle to myself as Chaz and his Dad have a volume war. Chaz playing and forgetting we are sitting there and letting his men have a loud time and Dad turning up the volume to the TV. Just a relaxed night. HEY...we all need one at least once a week....ri iight???

My last post, I told ya'll about our Saturday treasure hunting so I won't bore you with all those details again..LOL!!  I did think you might like to see the conch shells that we found. My muse has gone from whispering to full out singing about using them in my next ooaks..even more so than in my last post. What do you see with them??
They are beautiful and you can really hear the ocean when you put them to your ear. The BIG.. HUGE..HUMONGOUS..ENORMOUS one is going to take some cleaning up but that's a part of finding treasure!! I'm thinking of carrying on with a mermaid sculpt I did a few years ago. You might remember it.....The "Mommie and baby". If not and would like to see it then just click HERE and you can read about them. With the new ooaks I'm thinking of making it be the mother teaching her daughter some things that every growing mermaid should know. Still in the thought process but being pushed at me pretty hard..I must say..LOL!!

Sunday was a fantastic day here. The weather again was perfect for our weekly beach walk. So many pretty shells were washed up with the tide and just laying there in the sand for whom ever wanted to rescue them. Finding full unbroken shells is wonderful and truly is a treasure found but I even love to find the broken ones...they have so many uses. Headpieces for the mermaids, tops of staffs, and necklaces. The Chazman even found two broken pieces of sand dollars that look like sharks teeth. I don't think I will be talking him out of those...for some reason he wants to keep them. Imagine that!!
Aren't there some beauties here? See the transparent looking ones....I think a mermaid must have lost some of her scales. I really love the ones where Mother Nature has already placed a hole in....perfect for turning into jewelry. If anyone ever needs a few shells for a project just let me know. I will gladly send you just pay postage. I do all the hard work collecting them for you. Not a bad deal, eh? I do all the walking up and down the beach....listening to the waves hit the shore....smell the fresh salt air...listen to the seagulls hollar and pick through the shells. Ohhhh all the hard work and in such conditions. OMGOSH...I'm so bad...sorry....I just love my beach life!!! Here are a few more pics to rub it in show you our beautiful beach time.

I love the seagulls and little sand pipers. They don't seem to be bothered by the cold water AT ALL!! They weren't the only ones either. The Chazman splashed and jumped around....grabbing my hand and wanting me to get my feet wet with him. So of course, being the loving, playful mommie that I am....I walked out in the water with him. WOW....was that the biggest mistake I have made in awhile. I told him that the water was freakin freezing. He said...." Oh will get use to it" and then I relpied with teeth chattering..."Ohhh Noooo I won't and you aren't getting use to it either...your feet as just getting NUMB". He just looked at me and giggled and waded back out into the water. The only way to get him out of the water was to let him play in the sand. So while he played (which means he preceded to bury his legs..hehe) the Hubbikins and I sat on the blanket and watched the seagulls fish for their mid morning snack. Flying over the water and then gracefully diving in...coming up with a fish. This was the beginning of the race though...for as they dove in to catch the fish and flew back up into the sky their buddies were patiently waiting and hollaring "MINE MINE MINE" as they tried to take the fish from them. Never saw the fisherman lose one but I'm sure there have been times.

A wonderful weekend...I hope you had one too. Thank you for visiting with me. I love when you do, so please leave a comment...I love those too.

Until next time...............Hugs, Regi


  1. Hi Regi, I am so glad you had such lovely weather and a great weekend. Wish I could say the same, lol. The weather here is just awful. We were on the sea front on Saturday, geocaching, and the high tide had left lots of interesting looking seaweedy stuff. Had to pick some of that up. No idea what it is, but it looks great.
    I am so with you on your Friday night TV viewing lolol, the show isn't running over here at the mo, but I have the previous ones on disk, just in case I need a quick drool, lol.

  2. You would like Being Human - werewolves, and ghosts and vampires and (this season)drunken zombies... I hear America is making their own version, no, no, no, try and watch the British one first. Oh it's my Sunday night telly at the mo, love it. We are on season 3 here. And it helps that George the werewolf has a rather scrumptious bum that he feels need to flash quite a lot!

    Fabulous treasure haul, can't wait to see your new mermaid - don't think I've ever seen transparent shells like that before though we do get some of those other ones over here (when it finally warms up and we can get to the beach!! When will this winter ever eeeeeeend!) I shall have to go shell picking hwhen we get the sun and you can see if we get any different ones to you *g*

  3. Your blog always makes me smile as do your comments.I think talking of the dolls the hair wouldn't fair well if the doll is pushed into a bag or pocket, but then would you do that? Being Human is wonderfully scary,I can only watch it with a large glass of something calming in my hand.

  4. What a lovely weekend, indeed. Reading about it I can almost forget the several feet of snow and cold winds snapping trees outside. I love the sea, but live in the mountains. Also very beautiful and I adore them, but at least once a year I need my "sea fix". I just have to smell the sea, hear the ocean and look out at the endless waves. I have desired to make some more paintings of shells for quite a while and feel inspired to do so soon now!
    hugs, Susan