Monday, February 14, 2011

Rose Faerie....Keeper of the Rose

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Rose is a keeper of beautiful gardens....rose gardens. Each garden she lovingly tends to so that all the colors  will be displayed with great pride. Her favorite roses are the passion pinks and the brilliant burgundies. She knows her roses are thriving when they release the tiny pearl seeds for her to use in planning her gardens for the next season. Butterflies adore her gardens and help her keep them safe. Safe from whom you may be asking....well...the pixies of course. They never tend to gardens...the little buggers...they just try and overrun the ones they happen upon. Searching for food...the tiny insects that every garden provides a home to. The pixies love to eat insects and will pull up a plant just to get to them. Rose and her butterflies keep the garden safe....Rose yielding her heart sword and the butterflies chasing the pixies off with the pounding of their wings.
You see pixies are very tiny creatures and the wind from the pounding wings will send them hurdling towards the ground.  This puts them in a place that they fear....for down on the ground puts them in the reach of their greatest enemy....THE CAT!!! Cats just LOVE pixies....a very tasty morsel indeed.

Rose is one of my gently poseable ooaks. Her face/torso, hands and feet were hand sculpted out of clay and then highlighted with acrylic paints. She has a strong wire armature covered in fluffy yarn. Her eyes are hand sculpted and painted a beautiful bright green. Her hair is sheared lambswool. Her outfit is hand sewn using  vintage shear material that has a rose print. Her wings are made from the same vintage fabric and then embellished with vintage pearls. The pearls are from a vintage wedding headdress....I love to reuse items that have seen their better days from what was the original purpose. The neckline of her dress is made from the vintage pearls as well. Her necklace has two tiny pearls and a Swarvoski crystal. She is holding her heart sword in her left hand which was hand sculpted out of clay and then washed in acrylic paints. It is topped with two tiny pearls and a Swarvoski crystal. In her right hand she is holding a tiny bouquet of roses with vintage pearls hanging down. She is standing on a base sculpted from clay and the adorned with some of my hand twisted fabric roses and vintage pearls. She stands at 8".

Balancing on her toe is one of my paper butterflies. It has a coating of German glass on it's wings. It can be removed and her leg gently let down. She is permanently attached to her base.

Rose will be going into my Etsy shoppe. Thank you for stopping by today and I hope that you will return again soon.

Until then....Hugs, Regi


  1. She is wonderfully pretty! Quite a whimsical little thing!

  2. Rose is adorable, what a great story too, those naughty pixies I didn't realise the havoc they caused in rose gardens LOL, totally sweet!

  3. If my pockets were deep, I'd live at your etsy shop waiting for the doors to open for your next arrival.

    Again another beautiful piece!

  4. Great work Regi! I LOVE those roses! Will you ever do a tutorial on making them???

    Peace Always,

  5. how delicate this is, she looks so precious,so beautifull. As in a real fairy tail. Love it!!