Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Mailman got a HUG!!!

I use to think that my mailman thought that perhaps a very CRAZY person lived here. Umm, he wouldn't be to far off by thinking that..LOL..with the way I have gotten so excited when he has delivered some of my mail to me in the past. I usually run walk out to greet him and start talking ninety miles to nuthin about the mail he hopefully has. Today was a bit different...he brought it up to my door. Big smile on his face as he handed me my mail. He knew by the stuffed envelopes that it was something that I was waiting on. BOY OH BOY....WAS HE RIGHT!!!! This time quietly gave him a hug and went back inside and preceded to do the cha cha happy dance. Hey..I waited until he was gone..hehe!!

Talk about excitement. I received not just One (1) gift from my OWOH adventure this year but Three..3..Tres..Drei..Trois..Tri..Tre. OMGOSH...yes I said 3!!!  I am so so soooo excited about all three of them so keep that in mind as I show them to you. Just because one is posted before the other doesn't in any way mean I like it more than the one listed after it. I love them all the same. They are all amazing and fantastic gifts. I will cherish each one. I just figured you would want to know who each was from...so you can go visit with them and check them out. I know you are sitting there saying "HEY REGI...show us already.....would ya" OK OK....going to show you now
 This is what was in the first envelope I opened. An amazing set of cards. I love cards and these are probably my favorite ones. They were my gift from Susan over at Living the Dream. She is a fantastic watercolor and mixed media artist and someone that you should go and visit with. She shares her art as well as some wonderful stories of her family and life. She has a very interesting daughter, Christine, that you should go and visit too. Her blog is YUMMY and I do mean that literally. Better not go a visiting hungry..hehe!! A big HUGE Regi hug to Susan. Thank you thank you for my cards....they are awesome. Now if I can ever bring myself to use them...LOL  I may just put them in frames and hang them.

My next envelope was one that the Chazman has been patiently waiting on and he of course held true to his word and informed me as soon as I opened it that this was his...ALL HIS!!! It was the Man in the Moon scratch pad that WE won from Jaime over at Artsy Fartsy. I had told her that the Chazman was going to take it from me when it arrived and he did. She was so sweet and put one of her little magnets in the envelope with the CHAZMAN'S gift...HaHa!!! The magnet has an awesome saying on it that will inspire me each morning.
Follow your heart,
it's never wrong.
Let it lead you safely,
where you belong.
Thank you thank you Jamie. We love our gifts. The magnet will proudly go on my frig and the scratch pad I'm sure will be used for game codes ^_^.  Make sure you go and visit with Jamie...she is an awesome artist. She just made a necklace out of old spoons...now how awesome is that. A big HUGE Regi and Chazman hug to Jamie.
Now this was the last one I opened and I have to admit that I did save it for last. The envelope made me do that...really it did. It had the cutest lil baby with butterfly wings sitting on it. (didn't take a pic as it has my snail mail right next to it and the hubbikins gets so NERVOUS thinking I might show it here....silly goose) Inside was MY gift (hands off Chazman) that I won from Wendy over at Bliss Angels. She is an amazing artist dabbling in so many different medians. A kindred spirit for sure. She is a true storyteller too (Congrats on being published Wendy...atta girl ^_^) Wendy's gift in the OWOH adventure was one of her tiny tins. It is sooo detailed and soooo tiny and sooooo CUTE!!! Even her ATC card she attached to the gift was a gift. HEY...a double gift...thank you thank you Wendy. Ohhh wait...I haven't shown ya'll the inside of the tin. OMGOSH, yes it opens and look at the cuteness inside
This piece is going to sit right next to my "Regi's Studio" sign. My only problem is that I love it open and closed. I guess I will be opening and closing it a good bit...LOL!!! A big HUGE Regi hug to Wendy.

I am so happy with my gifts I received today..thank you thank you Susan, Jamie and Wendy. AND I'm so proud of myself that I didn't attack the poor mail man. It's been an amazing day!!!

Until next time........HUGS, Regi


  1. Oh Regina. I love the wonderful way in which you posted each of your lovely gifts and the fabulous way in which you gave these artists their due..so much love went into this post.

  2. I'm so pleased you love it... hugs wendy

  3. Regi - what a wonderful surprise to receive 3 OWOH gifts on the same day!!! You are so fortunate - they are all such wonderful gifts!! have a fantastic day!
    hugs, antonella :-)

  4. Jackpot!!

    I do so love Good Mail too! Awesomeness!

  5. Ooooh, yummers! I don't think I got to the tin post but I definitely remember drooling over those pebbles you lucky thing!

    Fantabulous mail day!

  6. Hi Regi! Congrats on those lovely wins. Wasn't that fun? I didn't make it to everyone's blog, but I had a great time visiting the people I DID see. :) Enjoy your gifts! xox Pam

  7. Hi Regi, It's a great pleasure to know you are enjoying your art cards. What a lovely post - thank you. I love popping by to see what's new here and I really enjoy your writing style. I feel like we're sitting across the table from each other chatting over a cup of tea. I love the thoughtful responses from your readers, too. Super nice! Have a wonderful day. hugs, Susan

  8. Tehehehee, you sound just as bad as me, I go totally loopy when that kind of mail arrives. Wonderful gifts from such talented people, Regi, how lovely!

  9. You lucky, lucky girl- I know you'll treasure each and every one of these! I too apreciate all the love that went into this post- so you and SO authentic and wonderful!