Friday, February 25, 2011

Another OWOH Gift!!! ^_^

Yesterday was another awesome mail day (doing my happy pressie dance) AND nooooo, before you ask, the mailman didn't get a hug. He was sneaky and put this one in my mailbox...LOL!!  I was so excited and wanted to post about it as soon as I opened it but as soon as I got it all set up for a photo and pushed the button to turn the camera on, my lens came out and went right back in. Can a camera be camera shy? I have the special camera batteries and they are even rechargeable. Thank goodness too because I am always having to recharge them. ALWAYS!!!! Do you think there might be someonething draining them? Could be and I know the answer BUT that's for another post. (makes ya want to come back and visit to see if I post about it huh? hehehe) After charging all day and night I got my newest goodies all laid out AGAIN and snapped a photo before ummmm the batteries could drain.
Can't you just imagine all the amazing projects I can do with these lovely goodies that Liz over at Lululiz in Lalaland sent to me. Well, let me tell muse sure is singing (holding ears-wishing she would learn to hold a tune..HAHA...OUCH) and I'm very excited to get started. Liz is just a sweetheart and a doll. If you haven't been to visit with her, you really should. Get ready for a wonderful visit...HEY...just look at the name of her blog. I mean really....ya know just by that, that she has to be a FUN gal!!! To Liz (my newest drooling pal...another story for a future post. I really have you wanting to come back again...I'm soooo baddddd.) Thank you thank you thank you for my lovely gift. I'm going to sooo enjoy it.

Until next time.........Hugs,


  1. *passing tissues for all that drool* Methinks your postie is getting wise and developing stealth tactics when delivering your mail:P

    Lovely gift though - and I so know what you mean about camera batteries.

  2. Oh, you're getting goodies you lucky doll!

    About the camera---cameras of today will drain the batteries even if you turn it off---it's something about them specifically. You have to take them out between uses---so says my son which he does for his camera.

    Enjoy the goodies---hey, no droolin' on my 'puter! ;)

    Peace and Hugs,

  3. Aww, so glad you like the little embellishment pack!
    Watched anything good on tv lately ;-). tehehehee. xx

  4. Congrats! This is lovely and I'm sure you will put it to good use!

  5. Enjoy your treasures...while you make them into new treasures!!

  6. More beautiful treasures- I can't wait to see what you make with these!