Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy September 1st!!!

Can ya believe that it's already September? I'm so excited that it is because so many AWEsome things start happening. cooler weather?? I say that as a question because, well, ya just never know if we are going to have any Fall like weather here BUT I can dream and keep my fingers crossed, eh? It's also the time that brings Halloween say in 60 days. So excited about that!!

If you have been visiting under the old oak tree then you know that I have been a bit under the weather .     I mean that literally and physically because I have NEVER seen as much rain as we have been getting here. Get it...under the weather.....rain....ok ok ya get it...hehe!!!  You also know that I'm working on some of my witch series sculpts and it is going a tad bit slowly. Slow is better than not at all so I'm working with that.

Here are some WIP photos of the prop parts of two pieces I'm working on.....just so ya know that I AM working here.

Tiny little potion/ingredient bottles. It's so hard to photo small things. Well, for me it is. I know some of YOU could do better but HEY...I try!!! The labels on the bottles going from left to right are "Unicorn Horn" "Mermaid Hair" "Mummy Dust" and "Dragons Breath".  The two bottles with the chains will be hanging from the little work station and the other two will be on top of it.

Here's the lil workstation. I made a cute little collar for the hat holder to wear. (still working on the felt witch's hat) See the little hook on the side? That's where the two bottles will hang. The scrolls added a tiny bit to the piece, I think and if you look real hard you can see the tiny snake peeking out in the back.

I know...I know...another photo of the workstation but I wanted you to see what it looked like if I added the wise old owl to it. I haven't fully decided if I'm going to use him for this piece yet. He was on the book but it turned out to be wayyyy to heavy, plus I just didn't like the way the book looked. That happens sometimes!! I also got the base painted but am not finished with it. I have to get a new ink cartridge so that I can print out a really cool floor piece. The base is one that I found at the flea was blue and looks rather gothic now painted black.

Here are the books for the second sculpt. The red pumpkin book will be sitting on top of the skeleton book that will have the little black book (yes yes witches have little black books too but I sooo wouldn't want to be in it...Muuuhahahaha) sitting on top of it that is right now propping up a little spell book that the little witch that will be sitting on top of all of these will be holding. WHAT a mouth full!!! In the bottom of the picture, if ya look closely, you can see the magic wands I made. Two of for each witch. This sculpt will be sitting on a small wooden base that I have painted black and am waiting to print off a really cool flooring for too.

Here is my favorite prop piece...the Skellieabra!! I think he turned out rather cool myself. I had so much fun making the dripping wax. Had to search for the old glue gun and YIKES...almost did the panic dance because I was out of glue sticks. There was one in it and turned out to be just enough. Thank you my sweet muse!! Once I dripped the hot glue on it and let it dry, I simply washed it with some red paint and "POOF" instant dripping wax. Yea me!!!!

Until next time..........Hugs,

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  1. Everything looks SO amazing!!!! You're making me want them...and they aren't even finished yet! Keep going, lol!!!