Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hey...what's that up in the sky?

Ohhhhh...we are so blessed this morning to have a cool 74 temp with a light breeze and the sun shining down BRIGHTLY. (I had almost forgotten what it felt like..hehe) It seems that others were enjoying our beautiful weather this morning as well. On the way to take the Chazman to school we looked up in the sky and saw our local aeronaut, Tommy Rachel, flying around in his aerostat....better known as a hot air balloon. It was the one called "Blue Angel" and it is a real beauty. There is just something about looking up into a bright blue sky and seeing one lone balloon floating along. It definitely gave the Chazman and I a smile for the day!!!

I have plans to finish Bella today. I did get her painted yesterday as well as wrapped in her under clothing. Her fabric for her costume and hat were all picked out too. It always takes me some time to get the painting done as I like to let each section dry completely before starting onto the next especially when I am washing the paints down to give them an aged look. (like with her boots and bustier.) I also used real thread for her boot laces and bustier. That takes time and patience. Lots and lots of patience. I think I get more glue on me than I do the sculpt...HAHA!!

I love making the costumes for my ooaks and getting to use some of my vintage fabrics. Her skirt is going to be the piece with the pretty embroidery and her petticoat the orange tulle. I'm going to make her some puff off the shoulder sleeves with the shiny black fabric. Of course her witch's hat will be made from felt (with shiny glitter flakes) and some of the orange tulle, ribbon and the black star button.

I think Bella is a pretty lil witch and something I haven't posted any pics of yet are her wings. Yes...she is going to have wings since she is one of my batty witches. The wings are the real dragonfly wings I found a few weeks ago. I sealed them and added a bit of green glitter faerie dust to them.

Here'e a close up of the potion/ingredient bottle Bella will be holding. She keeps this one just for herself so that she can sprinkle a bit on her wings when she needs to take flight. I mean, sometimes, a girl just doesn't want to carry a broom around.

Until next time........Hugs,


  1. Your description of the hot air balloon made me feel as though I were actually viewing it in that blue sky. What a nice way to start the day.

    I think your little batty witch will be fabulous. Love the idea of the wings too.

  2. Bella is coming along!!!! Is she flying to Germany??? :D