Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zombie time starting soon..MUAHAHAHAHA!!

Well...I guess there really is no need for me to apologize for letting so much time slip by yet AGAIN between postings. I think everyone has figured out by now that the time in Regiville passes by a tad bit different than else where...hehehe!!

I have been working on a group of my traditional lil mummy candy containers for the Chazman's classmates for next month. (Halloween is only 34 days away..WOOT WOOT) If you are new to visiting under the old Southern ooak tree then click HERE to see a "HOW TO" on making some mummies of your own.  As well as working on these lil guys I am also working on my Tooth Faery helpers for the Angel well as ribbon barrettes and pins. Busy, Busy, BUSY I am!!!  I promise some WIP photos of these projects soon. I also have a few more witches planned for my 2013 Witch series that I needed to get started on too. One of my sweet friends and ooaks collectors stopped by yesterday and adopted Bella, the dragonfly witch ooaks. I was sooo excited!! I so love making my ooaks but really love when others love them too.

I have to put my muse aside for a few days as I am starting one of two deep cleans that will take me through Thursday...I think...probably...hopefully before then. (I clean beach houses and love my job) I'm sure that by the time I finish with these I am going to feel like part of the Zombie apocalypse...MUHAHAHA

Until next time..........munch, munch ummm I mean HUGS,


  1. Ohhh for a minute I thought you were making Z dolls. LOL
    Thinking of you

  2. Eeek... those are so darn cute! (The smell my feet mummies) I am going to have to start going to the bathroom a lot more so I can get some of those toilet paper rolls for my two grand kids classes lol
    cute-cute-cute!!! big hugs!