Friday, September 13, 2013

Potion bottles everywhere!!

Whooo Whoooo Whooo are youuuuu? Me? I'm a night owl....hehe...or at least last night I was. I just could NOT sleep. I think I was too tired to sleep if that makes any sense at all. I have been so busy getting everything ready for our yard sale this weekend that I'm past "POOPED".  Now that's not always a bad thing when it comes to me because that's when my muse does most of her whisperings. Hmmmm...come to think about it I wonder now if that happens because I'm too tired or if she is making me too tired. Either works out good for my creative side.

I'm going to put some of my jewelry pieces in the yard sale. They probably won't sell but I can at least try and perhaps get some exposure of my art. Last night (or *ahem* early this morning) I sat up making some of my beach themed necklaces and some potion bottle necklaces. HEY...the Halloween muse is flying rampant around here. ^_^

I made two of these cute 18" silver chained (with a 3" adaptor) with a Tibetan silver fish charm, glass beads and beach sand filled vials. (sand from Orange Beach this time) I also put two shiny lil shells inside the vial.

I also made two of my turtle necklaces using 18" bronze chains with 3" adaptors, glass vial filled with Orange Beach sand and two tiny lil shells along with one of my turquoise stone turtle beads and two Swarovski crystals.

I only made one of each of the potion bottle necklaces. They are all on 18" silver chains with 3" adaptors to make them a longer length if desired. Each also has it's own magic wand. (made from clay and washed with acrylic paints and adorned with silver wire)

It's hard to see the tiny labels on the glass vials but you can see them in person....honest!! This one is holding "Unicorn Horn". Well of course it's not really a unicorn's horn but tiny little shells that look like they could be from a unicorn. I mean....have you ever been able to capture one yourself. :P  The topper for the bottle I used a small Swarovski crystal, a faux diamond spacer and a glitter bead. The vial and wand are hanging from a Tibetan charm holder.

This is the "Mummy Dust" potion. Noooo, I did not go and dig up any mummies to get this...geez!!!! hehe  It's filled with MICA powder and looks so shiny and DUSTY!! For the vial topper I used a tiny glass bead, a black glass bead and a jasper natural stone bead.

"Faerie Dust"....everyone needs faerie dust, ri iight?? The glass vial is filled with green glitter and on the topper I used a small Swarovski crystal, a faux diamond spacer and a large Swarovski crystal.

This little vial is filled with "Dragon's Breath" and ya better believe I had a VERY hard time chasing that dragon just waiting for him to cough so I could capture it. imagination is running WILD!!
On the topper I used a tiny cat's eye bead, a round rhyolite natural stone bead and another cat's eye bead.

Now hopefully I will have a jewelry fanatic come shopping tomorrow and just have to have ALL of these. I would be happy with several folks buying at least one though to be honest. If you live in my area, please come by and see what treasures are awaiting you. I'm sure you can find one or two things you just can't live without. ^_^

Until next time.......Hugs,

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