Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's Tuesday already???

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know for us it was soooo nice to see the sun shining down again and for the whole weekend. I didn't even complain about the heat because I just loved that there wasn't any rain. ^_^  Saturday morning we went treasure hunting and came home without any loot. Oh well, can't find goodies all the time and besides...we didn't really have the money but it's FUN to go and look. Saturday afternoon was a lazy one...the Chazman played his games or watched movies...the hubbikins watched football and I....well...I took a long horizontal pause. One that apparently was much needed as it lasted for about 3 hours. Sunday afternoon we tackled the barn. OMGOSH...a job I have been dreading something fierce I tell ya. We need to have a yard sale this weekend and that meant going through all my "just gotta keep, can't EVER throw it away" items in about 8 different boxes. Talk about the heat...WHEW..it was hot Hot HOT!!! I found so many things I had totally forgotten I even had. Ya'll would be proud though....I put most (key word being MOST) of the stuff in the "TO SELL" pile for this weekend. I still have to get back out there tomorrow and start tagging things and sweeping and setting up. Wish us luck!!!

After a very refreshing and much needed shower Sunday afternoon, I sat down and did some sculpting. I sculpted and squished....sculpted and squished....sculpted and....Oh I think ya get the idea. If not then I would be retyping those three words about 15 more times. Argg!! Have YOU ever had one of those days that no matter how hard you try your characters just DO NOT want to cooperate? Finally and I do mean FINALLY, I got the face I wanted. I finished sculpting her yesterday and got her baked last night. Now I still have a good bit left to do but at least I have a little witch to work on.

Now keep in mind these are WIP photos. Tabitha's bustier and boots won't stay white. I will wash them down with some black acrylic paint. She will also be wrapped in her wool underclothing and hopefully dressed by tonight. (fingers crossed)

Remember how I talked about us "having" to have a yard sell this weekend...well......to help bring in some extra money I'm making YOU an offer and one I hope you can't refuse..hehe. For anyone that purchases one of my clay characters this week, you can pick out one of my jewelry pieces for free. A way to say "Thank you" for  helping me out when I needed the extra help.  I'm not one to complain and I don't like even posting this part but due to the fact that we do not have good prescription coverage and diabetes is not a cheap disease I can't get my meds refilled this month. Click HERE to see what's available in my shoppe and remember I hope to be adding a few new pieces this week as well and THANK YOU for taking the time to even look.

Until next time.......HUGS,

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  1. Regi, Your Witches are Wicked cool!!! You know how much I love Halloween too!!!
    I hope your yard sale goes well. We need to have one too but doubt it will be this year.
    Hugs Lynn