Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time for a Thursday Tutorial!!!!

I love making decorations but of course ya'll already knew that....hehe!!! I wanted to share one of the ways I make a wreath with you. It's inexpensive and very VERY easy peasy to make. I bet you have most of the items we will need on hand already. If not then all can be purchased at Dollar Tree. I LOVE Dollar Tree, don't you? Here's what you'll need:

A swim noodle
coffee filters
glue gun
duct tape

See, I told you that most items you would probably already have on let's get started. First thing is to decide on how big you want your wreath. Once decided take your scissors and cut into the noodle but not all the way through it. Cut around until you are back at your starting point. Pull the pieces apart. Now you will see why I told you not to cut all the way through. There is a long piece of plastic inside the noodle and if ya hold it in one hand and over your head and then twirl it, it makes the coolest whistling sound. HEY, ya already know how quirky I am and I love to make noise. (where do you think the Chazman gets it from)

Ok now, you can put the piece of plastic down for now...hehe  Pull the ends of the noodle together and duct tape with several pieces. Ya might need a bit of help with this part. It makes it sooo much easier if someone holds the noodle together for you. (yes yes, I'm speaking from experience) Once it's all taped up then take a piece of string and cut it about an arm length....that's from your shoulder to your fingertips. Yes, I measure Southern gal style. ^_^   Fold the string in half and then tie the two loose ends together with a double knot.

Place the string over the top of the noodle where the duct tape is...this is the top of your wreath and pull it through itself. This makes a great hanging loop for when you are finished. I always place a piece of duct tape on the back to keep the string securely in place.

Isn't duct tape awesome?

Next step is to lay the noodle down on your workspace with the string at the top. Take a coffee filter and place your finger in the center and fold upwards like you are making a flower. Twist one time (after you remove your finger of course) and flatten bottom. 

Take your glue gun and please please be careful (yes yes speaking from experience again) and put a few dabs on the bottom of the filter. Then place filter on to the noodle. If  the back of your wreath is going to be showing then you will probably want to spray paint it white or cover it in felt before starting this process. Mine doesn't show so I just started gluing!! 

This is with three filters already in place. With mine I did four rows starting at the top and coming downward. It helps if you lift the noodle up every so often to check and see what kind of coverage you are getting. From this point ya just keep folding flowers and gluing....folding flowers and gluing....folding...OK OK ya get my drift....hehe. 

An important thing to remember is the glue that comes out of a glue gun is HOT HOT HOT!!! I have found that if I take the flower and bunch it up as I press it on the noodle or I take a wooden stick and push it on that I don't burn my fingers as easily or as often. Now...back to folding flowers and gluing....folding flowers and gluing. Ohhhh...don't get into a will be doing this routine for a while yet. It took me about an hour and a half to make mine but that's because I have to get up and stretch these old bones...can't sit in one place to long. Ya might be faster or doesn't matter which just have FUN!!!

Now once you have all the noodle covered that you need to then hold it up and see if there are any spaces that might need a little extra flower pressed in. I guess I should call them snowflakes, eh? I mean this is a Christmas wreath. Ohhhhh....don't try and put the snowflakes really close together in the beginning or you WILL be taking longer than my time to complete. That's the good part about checking it after you're all done.

All you do after adding the snowflakes (that's filters) is add whatever embellishments you want. They really look pretty plain but I like to add purties to I did. I added one of my handmade snowflakes and if you would like to make one of those too then just click HERE and go to my tutorial on making one. They're fun to make too and you will be surprised at what they are made of. Well...if ya know me then ya might not be surprised at all. 
I also added a pretty dark red bow just to give it some color and to pull it into the other decorations that are in the B&B room...hehe

This is a fun project to do with a girls day out. I have been thinking about having some craft parties just not sure I know enough gals that would come.  Perhaps I will try and have one or two next year and see how they turn out. I mean what would be more fun than to get together with the girls, eat some snacks, gossip a bit (hehe), drink some wine (AFTER the glue gun is turned off) and just have a good time AND make something pretty to take home. 

This wreath also looks very pretty if you use the natural colored coffee gives it a vintage look. Love vintage and before ya ask, I used the white ones because #1 that's what I had on hand and #2 I wanted to use my handmade snowflake. ^_^  

This wreath can be made for other holidays too just by changing the filters. You could use tissue papers in red for Valentines or pastel colors for Easter or black and orange tissue paper for Halloween. I think your imagination can take it from here. 

Now stop twirling that plastic tube over your head and get to crafting....hehe

Until next time.........Hugs,

Oh oh ohhhhh, if you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment and I will get back with you. Leave an email addy too...that always helps. Hugs again!!!


  1. Oh wow, this is so cool, what a fabulous wreath this is, love it, it looks so clever!! Must have taken one darn lot of coffee filters!! I'm sure it would take me at least 3 hours!! Wished I lived a bit closer, I sure would love to come for a crafting party! Off to check the snowflake tut now!

  2. Oooooh! I LOVE that! I think I want to make one too! It looks lovely, and I'd nestle in some Christmas ornaments, or maybe drop food coloring around some of the filter edges for a pop of color. .. or glitter. CURSE you woman! I need another project like a hole in the head! Kind of reminds me of my days in the Girl Scouts when we used to make wreaths out of sandwich baggies---before they all became ziplocks. Doesn't sound pretty, but by the time you'd get done, your wreath would be nearly white---and quite weatherproof.

  3. I've always wanted to make a wreath like this. I din't know you could do it with a swimming noodle! How genius!

  4. That's a good idea. I do have a pool noodle and a BOATLOAD of coffee filters around here. Guess I'll have to get busy and put them to use. #SITSharefest

  5. So pretty and creative!! You did an amazing job!!

  6. Gorgeous! The perfect wreath for Valentine's Day