Sunday, September 7, 2014

Time to get back to work :)

Welcome to the old Southern ooaks tree peoples. I have MISSED ya'll so so much. Did you think perhaps my mermaid soul took over this summer and decided to swim out in the ocean and not come back? Well, she tried but thank goodness my Boho, gypsy, hippie souls were able to snatch her back. Sometimes it pays to be a little bit on the weird side...hehe

Please forgive me not being under the old tree to greet you this summer when you stopped in for a visit. I do hope you did find some time to wander around and see some of my past post though. I was absent due to helping out some friends with a shop they opened in Gulf Shores....Beach Reflections LLC. I have had a blast in helping out....letting my designer come out in rearranging the store and meeting so many amazing folks. I have even learned through several of our locals of places I had no clue were even here. (Thank you Tammy for telling me about Mobile Street) The shop is combining with another well known local shop keeper, Beverly from the Blue Mermaid. It's going to be a great union if I must say so myself. Good luck ladies!!

Now that I won't be needed as much at the shop I can get back to my own designing and sculpting...WOOHOO!!! (I'm still available if ya'll need me though Diane and Fonda...always) My muse has been whispering up a storm and if I don't stop, listen and start to work on some of her ideas.....well...I'm afraid of what might just happen...hehe. A trip to Hobby Lobby yesterday has me ready to start....are you ready to follow along? I sure hope so....I love when you visit and comment. :)

A strange assortment of goodies, yes? I was very happy happy happy that most everything was 40% off. LOVE sales...oh yes I do. I restocked on clay and some wooden bases for my ooaks, some glitter for mermaid tails, some tiny potion bottles, a flower (yes, just muse told me to buy just one) some wire for armatures, some cool Halloweenie ribbon and some cute lollipop ornaments. If the gals at Hobby Lobby had any clue that I was in the Christmas aisle looking at ornaments for a Halloween sculpt they probably would have walked WAYYYY around me. Bahahahaha (witchy cackle) Now that I said that YOU are probably sitting there and wondering just why I was doing that too,  ri iight?? muse is thinking of two witches at the same time. Glenda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz and that mean old witch from Hanzel & Gretel. This is going to be one VERY interesting sculpt....very interesting indeed. Yes, yes...I will be doing WIP pics along the way so make sure you drop in and often.

Now (rubbing hands together) let me get started. Until next time.............


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