Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ailia...Celtic for Light

Another faery needing a temporary place has found her way to our home. She is a beauty to behold. Her wings shine in the sun like an ornate stained glass window...a bringer of Light. I decided since she is a faery that brings happiness and light into the home then a Celtic name she needed to have...Ailia!!! (Celtic meaning=Light)

Ailia is one of my ooaks in my "Captured Faery Series". She has a strong wire armature and her arms and legs are gently poseable. Her face, hands and feet are sculpted using Super Sculpey clay and then detailed using acrylic paints. Her eyes are bone beads painted with acrylic paints and then sealed. Her pants and under shirt are made from wool yarns. Her outfit is made from felted materials. The buttons on her jumper are sterling silver with tiny glass beads. Her necklace is handmade from glass beads with a single purple/white glass bead in the center with two sterling silver beads on each side. She even has tiny little sterling silver and glass bead buttons on her wrist wraps. Her hair is made from pulled dyed wool and adorned with tiny silver beads. Ted E Bear is her companion. He is removable. Ailia sits in a antique lead crystal trinket box. It is filled with natural moss and silks.
Ailia's wings have a strong wire armature that was covered in Liquid Sculpey and baked. I love the stained glass effect these wings have. A very talented artist friend sent me these several years ago. (Thank you Desi) They were alot bigger and had no embellishments. I shaped them into butterfly wings and then adorned with dusty pink glitter, tiny silver and colored beads. If she sits on a window sill all the beautiful almost transparent colors come forth!!

As with all my ooaks, Ailia is up for adoption. If interest please post a comment with your addy or send me an email with her name in the reference line. Thank you for stopping by and taking a peek at my newest ooaks. Until next time.....