Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hooters!!!!'s aSteampunk Owl!!

Well, I have done it again....put up a title just to see who comes a visiting because they so thought it meant something else...LOL!!! I didn't fib about what this post was no I didn't. Although, it isn't about "HooterS" it's about one Hooter. My Lil Steampunk Owl...Hooter!!!

While I was going through my watch pieces today to see what other pins I could make I started to see this lil guy emerge. I know that my muse had a good bit to do with it because I was just hap hazardly laying pieces off to the side. When I looked over at the ones I had already picked out I noticed the lil head and horned ears. Do you see them? Hooter's head is cocked to one though he is checking us out. Two eyes and a lil nose....and even a tail hanging down.

I'm having so much fun making my jewelry pieces. Wouldn't they make a most excellent gift for that someone special? I have more I'm working on so please check back in with me. I'm working on a Cat Lovers necklace and I think so far it's turning out just purrrrrfect!!!! As always, thank you for stopping by today and until next time.....


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