Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Travis from the Honey Bee Clan!!

This is Travis...of the Southern Honey Bee clan. The Honey Bee clans are divided into territories....North, South, East and West. Honey has a different taste depending on the territory it's from. The clan's major job is to make sure that the wild fields and gardens are tended to. With the flowers being taken well care of, the bees are drawn to them...each flower beckons a visit to come gather the pollen. With all this work from the faeries, flowers and honey bees the honey always taste delicious.

If you are given the opportunity of seeing one of these busy workers you will always know which faery belongs to this clan because they proudly wear a tiny sterling silver honey bee pin on their vest. Travis knows the he always has a resting place here at our home in the Southern territory.
On some occasions he even shares a bit of the golden honey with us. Such a joy and treat!!!

Travis is one of my gently poseable ooaks. His face, hands and feet were sculpted using Super Sculpey clay without the use of any molds. They have been detailed using acrylic paints. His eyes are bone beads with the iris being painted with acrylic paints. He has a strong wire armature underneath a wrapped body of dyed wool yarn. His vest is made from felt. His hair (head and chest) is made from an old Teddy Bear fur material. His half socks are made from a sock top. Faeries like to feel the earth, water and plants they land upon but even they need something to keep a bit warmer. His belt is an antique piece of crochet material with a tiny sterling silver belt buckle with two tiny glass beads. His wings are made from Fantasy Film and adorned with tiny silver beading.
Travis stands at 7 1/2 inches. As I stated earlier, he is poseable. You can have him stand outside his beautiful iron cage or perhaps have him climbing on it. He is such a character and loves any attention given to him when he is in a human's care.
Travis is happiest when he is tucked safe and sound inside his little home away from home. His cage is metal with metal ivy leaves and honey bees surrounding it. I have lightly brushed the honey bees with a gold color and then sprinkled them with fine MICA flakes. The bottom is covered in a natural moss. The cage can be taken off the holder and stand alone. When Travis is sitting he is a mere 4 inches. He has a tiny little faery honey pot that he brings with him so he can have a bedtime snack. His honey pot is made from Super sculpey clay and then hand rubbed with acrylic paints. The honey is a special mix of clays and then sealed with several coats of varnish. My artist symbol is stamped on the front of the honey pot.

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my newest little ooaks. As with all my ooaks, Travis is up for adoption. If interested please leave me a comment with your addy or simply email me with his name in the reference line. Until next time......


  1. Awww thank you both so much!!!

  2. thank you Debbie...now if I can just find the right person that just has to have them..LOL!!

  3. Just love him! I'm put a link up on our Facebook wall. Thank you for the mention...sparkle on!


  4. Ohhh thank you so much....I LOVE glitter!!!!