Sunday, January 17, 2010

Steampunk Faery Valentine Pin

I have been working in the studio on a faery that I thought was going to be holding a heart behind her back. Seems that my muse had other ideas for the faery heart. She decided that it needed to be turned into some of my Faery jewelry. So that is what I did....I learned years ago that it doesn't do any good to argue with a muse!!!

The heart is sculpted from clay and then hand rubbed to give it an old leather worn look. I then coated it with fine MICA flakes. I always put a tiny holding place in the hearts for special notes or trinkets. This one has one red rose. Inside the tiny heart on the front of the big heart is the top portion of a faery wing. This is the symbol that I put on all my faery pieces. There is a tiny silver chain with a tiny Swarovski crystal hanging from the heart. There is a tiny fastener that attaches the heart to the pin so you actually have two pieces of jewelry in one. The fastener holder is made from tiny glass beads and a sterling silver dragonfly. The pin is wrapped in silk ribbon. Keeping with the Steampunk look the pin has tiny watch pieces...a tiny silver heart and an larger antique Swarovski crystal. The tiny silk bow has another sterling silver dragonfly attached.

Now I know you must be thinking "Regi, what happened to the faery that was to hold the heart?" She hasn't been forgotten. I have been working on her as well but she won't be holding the heart. Instead she will be holding a Teddy Bear. It seems that I'm going to have to open up a faery nursery. Another expecting one has found her way to me. My sweet neighbor next door asked me if there were going to be "baby" faeries coming to visit. I suspect that there will be....

Until next time...



  1. Very cool--Faeries are very in, in the publishing world too!

  2. aww thanks!! They do seem to be gaining a following...I've always loved them!!