Friday, August 13, 2010

Emerald from the Sea

The sea is always washing gifts ashore. Sea glass that has been tumbled to a beautiful patina.....sand dollars just waiting to be kept in a secret treasure box....shells that look like a shimmering light touched them and shells that hold the whispers of the sea. All of these sea gifts are treasures especially to one young  mermaid. Emerald loves her gifts and keeps them close by. She doesn't come to the surface much as she is very leary of the humans she may encounter there. The other mermaids have told her of the stories of these legged creatures. So she spends her time exploring the sea floor and taking her gifts to a cave under the sea. There she can put the whispering shell to her ear and hear the soft, gently whispering waves that she can only dream about. One day though she will venture to the surface to see if the stories of the humans are true.

Emerald gets her name from her bright emerald green eyes.

Emerald is one of my fully sculpted ooaks. She was sculpted using Super Sculpey Living Doll clay. No molds were used. She has a strong wire armature underneath the clay. Her face was detailed using acrylic paints. Her eyes were painted using acrylic paints and then sealed with a gloss finish with just a touch of green MICA powders. Her hair is fringed yarn and adorned with a tiny seaglass bead. Her tiny scales on her forehead were detailed using MICA powders and tiny real shells. Her whispering shell is one found on one of our afternoon beach walks here at beautiful Gulf Shores.

Emerald's tail is made from the same clay as the body. However, each scale was hand laid to give her a true fish/mermaid tail. Her tail was detailed using fine MICA powders and a glossy finish. On each scale are tiny silver beads. The end of her fin has three real tiny shells gathered from a afternoon walk at the beach. She sits on wooden base that has been adorned with real shells and a real preserved sand dollar. The main shell is an oyster shell. The base was also covered in some of my faux sand mixture. Emerald is attached to the base permanently.

Her fins were made from transparent clay and then adorned with tiny silver beads. Her waist is a beautiful circle of tiny shells that look as if a shimmering light has touched them. 

Emerald loves her treasures. Do you think she even knows that she herself is a beautiful treasure from the sea?

Until next time.....Hugs,


  1. Regi, she is absolutely stunning! Your attention to detail is amazing. Thank you for sharing her with us!

  2. She's MINE now, lol!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I can't wait to see her in person!

  3. She is amazing! Congrats on the fast sale!

  4. Such a special piece. I knew someone would fall in love with her fast! Congratulations.

  5. Wow---what detail! Love her tailfin!

    Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

  6. Oh, WOW! She turned out so fabulous! Her eyes are fantastic! I love her expression and how it just glistens in those beautiful green eyes! You have done a magnificent job with her!

  7. She's gorgeous, Reg! Her eyes! Her tail! Simply stunning!

  8. Grats on the speedy sLE- YOU DESERVE IT! She is beautiful and I'd be hard pressed to have to choose a favorite element, but her eyes and scales really speak to me!

  9. She looks so fantastic.

    I have a award for you!
    Details on my blog.

  10. She is stunning! You have put so much detail into her.