Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spells are being cast.....

It seems that lil Ms. Witchiepoo Zoe has been casting spells AGAIN!!! Don't let those cute little dimples fool ya. She already blundered with her spell casting by turning her big fat cat into the size of a mouse. It seems now that she has done one to me.

I worked on her tiny pantaloons yesterday. self respecting witch would go flying on her broom without her pantaloons underneath her skirt.  After those were sewn and put on Zoe (and she did some modeling) I started working on her arms. Since this is a combination of one of my clay and soft body dolls I'm doing her clay hands attached to soft sculpted arms. I got both completed and when I went to attach to her shoulders "POOF" she had two right hands. TWO RIGHT HANDS!! I have been working on her for over a week now and you are going to tell me that I just now noticed this. Besides...I'm a leftie...wouldn't that make ya think that I would have made two left hands. my 35+ years (yes I was a wee baby when I started making dolls "cough..cough") of making dolls I have NEVER made that mistake....with that being said...I am convinced that lil Ms. Witch has put a spell on me.

Her new hand has been sculpted and baked and painted but due to her awful behavior she doesn't have her long beautiful fingernails. I told HER it was because of her horrible spell but really I don't have any more translucent clay. Shhhhhh don't tell Zoe that....I will just let her pout and maybe she will behave herself.

Until next time.....HUGS,


  1. Yeppers, you are tempting me!!! Can I just say I want her right now and get my dibs in???

  2. Too Funny, Regina! Zoe better watch her step! She's coming out fabulous!

  3. Regi, she is looking great. I can't wait to see her finished.


  4. Regi! She's great so far! I'm really liking her a lot! I love her pantaloons! You are doing a great job on her, no wonder why everyone has their dibs in already. haha Can't wait to see her finished up!


  5. Well, at least your dolls are intricate enough to HAVE different hands! Mine tend to be a bit interchangeable! LOL! Her pantaloons are quite fabulous, indeed!

  6. Glad to see you're having fun with her. . . or is she having fun with YOU???

    LOL, Peace Always,
    the DragonLady

  7. That's too funny- she cast a spell on you! Seems like she's freely casting spells on all, 'cause everyone seems to be in love with her! Can't wait to see the finished product. And I too love the pantaloons ;)