Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday WIP update

Monday mornings are my quietest time of the week. The day to recoup from the hub bub of going here and there the two days before it. The day when hubbikins has gone off to work and the Chazman has left to fill his brain with knowledge. This is my favorite time to work in my studio. It relaxes me....I get to sit and listen to what my muse has been trying so hard to whisper to me all weekend long...LOL!!!!

I'm working on a new witch. I posted some WIP photos of her on Wednesday. Here are a few more of what I have done with her since then. I'm so hoping to get her baked today so I can start putting her together and working on her costuming. I love to make the clothes.....that is when we don't have a battle over what they are to wear. Ohhh yes....they talk to me most the time and let me know that they wouldn't be caught dead in that....or that they would much rather have a red gown than a blue one. Yours talk to you too.....riiiight????

Looks like Zoe needs a manicure....think I will do that before I finish her boots. 

Until next time......Hugs,


  1. Oh, I am SO in love with the cat and the book piece! i can't wait to see all you do with her! What did you use for her nails???

  2. Ohhh Regina I love this hand, actually I love the finger nails!!!

  3. Whoa! I got confused for a moment!!! You redecorated in here!!! I like the cat on the book!

  4. The cat on the book looks great but, those them!
    Can't wait to see the rest.

  5. I agree that it all has fabulous promise, but those fingernails are AWESOME! Have you thought about not trimming them- I personally like how exaggerated they are!

  6. Due to some spell casting having been done on the artist..Ms LiL Witchiepoo Zoe has lost her long finger nails. Please see post for 8-26-10 for details. ^_^

  7. Looking good!!! That kitty on the book is so precious!!! Are you TEMPTING ME, again?????