Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saw a Promise.....

Seeing a rainbow is something that always makes my heart sing. To me there is almost nothing as beautiful. A reminder of when God washed away all that was bad and started life anew with a promise that He would never again flood the earth. This is how our Saturday morning began!!

Now this maybe be how the day began but it didn't stay that way for long....rain rain rain came pouring down. No worries though...we welcomed it with open arms. It does tend to cool things down a tad bit and with our heat index this summer even a tad bit is a great big welcome. This gave us a reason to go thrift store shopping. All three of us love to go and see what treasures we can find amongst what some may consider just junk. Of course the Chazman found him some treasures....he always seems to. Hubbikins found himself some much needed tshirts to wear to work. You should see what being a welder does to a tshirt. NOT a pretty sight, believe me. Anyone need any dust cloths...LOL!!!!!  I found some beautiful glass bottles....they are going to become collector dolls in the near future. My muse started singing as soon as she saw them.....a witch in her wedding gown.....a bumble bee faery and a ghoulie or ghostie. Found some glass to use for bases too. It seems I have this thing for glass lately but hopefully that's a good thing....riiiiight??

After our treasure hunting, Hubbikins decided we should come back home and take a break and the Chazman agreed. So home we came....the Chazman went to his cave to play with his bag of goodies, the hubbikins went and keep the sofa company while he watched tv through his eyelids. It just amazes me how men can do that....and....OMGOSH....don't even dare try to take the remote away while they are in this state. "HEY...I was watching that" is what will come out of their mouths. I always find this amusing and to make it even more so one day I decided to really get him. I wiggled the remote out from under his hand, very carefully mind you, and then slowly started turning the sound down until I was sure that not only was he watching through his eyelids but his ears had become so insync with his snoring that he didn't even know that I had turned the tv completely off and posted a note on the screen that said "Quite please..the man is watching this."  For some reason he didn't speak to me the rest of the day. But that was a good thing too because I was able to read in peace and quiet. Now that I have totally gotten off on a tangent, let me get back to our day.

As normal with coastal living, it can be raining one minute and clear skies the next. It did rain for awhile (long enough for names take a nap) but when it finally stopped we decided to go take a walk. On the beach of course. Chaz and I love to walk along the shore and find shells. Chaz loves to find piece of broken sand dollars. He says that they look like monster bones. Do you think he has a muse sitting on his shoulder? We did find a bag full of some wonderful pieces.

Hubbikins likes to sit and watch us and watch all the ships way off in the horizon. While he was sitting he noticed a couple taking photos of something laying on the beach. Of course being the nosey curious folks we are we walked down to see just what had them taking pics. We don't know if some thing killed it or it had just passed on but it was BIG and had the most beautiful blue hues.
Chaz is like his momma and loves nature. We were sad that this lil guy had come to his end but we did get to see one creature that was walking and breathing and was very interested in the Chazman until the Chazman became interested in him...LOL!!!!
There were several visitors on the beach yesterday. The Herring for one....the seagulls singing their song of "Mine...mine...mine" and the tiny little sand pippers that dip their little beaks in the sand to gobble up the tiny muscles and then run as fast as they can before the waves get their feet wet. So many things to could just spend the afternoon sitting and watching and not even realize that the whole afternoon has passed on by. We were just about ready to leave and OMGOSH...a merbaby appeared...I kid ya not.
Ohhhhh was just the Chazman...hehe. He was watching a school of tiny fish jumping out of the water.
I think he was hoping to see a dolphin chasing it's dinner but no such luck this time.
A day that began with a rainbow ended with cotton candy skies. A most perfect day and one I wanted to share with YOU!!

Until next time.....HUGS,


  1. Thanks for your story and beautiful pictures!

  2. Thank YOU for stopping by. Have a great afternoon.


  3. Beautiful beach scenes. When I saw the crab with the blue hues, I honestly thought, before I read what you said about it, that it was a jeweled pin of some kind. It was beautiful. Oh to live near the ocean! I know you are enjoying it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and day!