Friday, August 27, 2010

Zoe the Young Witch!!

Zoe is new to the Southern Ooaks coven and it's so very plain to see.....that she is going to need some help....that makes the power of three. A spell she tried...that went kinda the point she could not hide it. With a twitch of her nose....a point of her wand and the magical words Hocus Pocus....Felix the cat with a very strong humph....bellowed and meowed.....Zoe....this spell really blows. For Zoe had turned a once large, regal cat into something that would surely get lost in her hat.

Sabrina the tiny spellcaster and Batilda the ancient Batty witch are trying really hard not to laugh at young Zoe. Felix is so grumpy and mad that he has planted himself on top of her spell book so no more can she cast until his mouse size is back to a strong beautiful cat. 

Zoe is one of my clay and soft sculpted ooaks in the Witchiepoo series. She has a strong wire armature wrapped in wool yarn. Her face, hands, feet/shoes are hand sculpted out of Living Doll Sculpey clay. They are detailed using acrylic paints. Her eyes are hand painted using acrylic paints and fine MICA powders. Her wand she is holding is sculpted from clay and then hand rubbed with an acrylic wash. There are tiny glass beads, metal beads, a moonstone and gold moon charm hanging on the end. Her hair is Tibetan's lambswool.
Her arms are soft sculpted and made to look like part of her outfit. Her outfit is made from vintage fabrics and felt. She has on cotton lace pantaloons as well as a netting half slip. Her hat is made from felt and ribbon. Her clothes are not removeable. She can stand with the aid of a doll stand. Standing she is 13 inches tall. She has a metal base stool with a black pillow that has a beautiful antique button cover in the middle. Sitting she is 11 1/2  inches tall.  Felix the poor shrunken cat is made from clay and then hand rubbed with an acrylic paint wash. He is sitting on top of Zoe's spell book that is made from clay and rubbed with an acrylic wash.

. Thank you for all of those that have followed the making of this whimsical ooaks. I enjoyed designing her and bringing her into our realm even with a few spells cast here and there...LOL!! 

Until next time......HUGS,


  1. Aw..Zoe is wonderful!
    What an amazing job you did!
    I just love her face.
    I've just started my hand at multimedia ooak dolls and I can't imagine ever doing something like that.

  2. I love, love, love her!!! She's perfect!

  3. WOW! Your art is amazing and Zoe is beautiful!!

  4. WOW, she turned out as beautifully as I'd thought she would! You must be thrilled with her- I know I am!

  5. She looks absolutely amazing!!! I really love her!!!!!!