Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Monday Doodle Time!!!

I can not believe that the Chazman kept the same doodle snack bag all week long. Keep in mind that these are just plain old paper bags. Not very thick and they have gone through the abusive "open and shut" of a young child getting his snack out each day.  I think he pouted a bit this weekend because he wasn't going to be able to take the Izzie Lizard to school again this week. I had asked him to decide just what he wanted on his bag for today and he never would answer me. This morning though was a totally different story and he informed me that he had  NOT been pouting....he had been thinking. Ri iiiiiight!!! He said that he really wanted the lazy frog. OMGOSH....had we seen a lazy frog and I had forgotten. Am I really beginning to lost it? AM I.......ummmm What were we talking about? OH YEAH...the lazy frog. HA....haven't completely lost it!!!!

Chaz sits down at the computer and pulls up our photos. It seems that he has a VERY good memory and went directly to the "Lazy frog".

I can't believe that I had forgotten about this lil guy. I have used him in one of my blog post. I told Chaz that it would be a rough drawing since he had pouted taken so long to decide and I only had about five minutes. He said that it would be alright...he just wanted his mommie xoxo doodle bag cause it made him feel like I was there with him. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww....what a sweet child and he is MINE!!!!!  Not one of my better doodles but this one made two hearts smile today.
So...what made you smile this Monday morning? Remember...even what seems to be a small, tiny thing to one can mean a really big thing to another. Make someone smile today!!!!

Until next time..............HUGS,


  1. Now Regi-THAT made me smile. Your Chaz is so cute. I know it warmed your heart that he wanted to take a part of his loving mom to school with him. How very sweet, as is the picture you drew of the frog~


  2. What a nice story! How lovely Chaz can choose a doodle. He must be happy with this lazy frog.

  3. It's a great doodle! I need to doodle more, I think. Great story too!

    I love the holiday blog background! I'm working on changing Everything (blogwise) up. Will see how it actually manifests . . .

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Oh my!! Such a cute little guy he is too!! Do you use colored pencils for these?? I'm glad you take pictures of them because they would make a gorgeous lil scrapbook or photo album! Like from Snapfish - awesome and crazy inexpensive! Christmas present for the Chazman???

  5. PS: Emerald arrived yesterday!!! I have a scheduled blog post that includes her in a couple of hours. She's amazing and I love her!!! Thank you!

  6. Thank YOU for the smile- I desperately needed one! It's been quite a discouraging week thus far.....having lunch with my Mom and our friend Nancy did make me smile (a little) yesterday. It seems I need to drag myself out of the doldrums! But your drawing did help- I LOVE him (!) BTW, however did you happen upon him?

  7. That frog was hilarious and the drawing was terrific. It did make me smile, so thank you!