Sunday, August 29, 2010

Broohilda...the ancient one!!!

The Moon Is High
The Sky is Bright
The Perfect time
for Witches to
take flight

Meet Broohilda, the ancient one of the Southern Ooaks coven. She was hand sculpted using clay and paper fibers. Her face, hair, hands, feet and shoes/socks were sculpted using this paper fiber/clay mixture. Once baked she was detailed using an acrylic wash and paints. Her body is a strong wire armature wrapped in yarn. Her costume is hand sewn using vintage fabrics and lace. Her hat and belt are made from felt. Her cape and bow on her hat are made from a vintage spiderweb lace. Her broom is a cinnamon stick with straw fibers. Her pumpkin head is sculpted from Sculpey clay with glass seed beads for eyes. Her earrings are spiders made from clay. She is one of my taller ooaks as she stands at 19 1/2 inches tall. She is attached to a strong metal doll base that is covered in natural moss.

It seems there are quite a few witches hanging around our old homestead....hope they don't decide to see who can cast the best spell!!!!!

Until next time.....(if I haven't been turned into a frog...hehehe) HUGS,

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