Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mirror, mirror in my lap

WIP photos of a new Southern Ooaks in the Witchie Poo Series. This is Vanity...can ya guess why?????

What has your muse been whispering to you lately? Mine is past whispering....LOL....there are so many Halloween ghoulies just waiting to come out and play. Are you doing any Halloween characters? Tell me about them if you are. Halloween isn't far let your ghoulies come out and play.

Until next time.....HUGS,


  1. Check out those eyebrows! She is looking quite vain, indeed! LOL! That chin is quite something! So beautifully sculpted!

  2. I am absolutely loving that mouth!
    I just keep scrolling back up and
    Vanity is her name for sure!

  3. Love the little poem on the mirror, we don't celebrate Halloween in the way you are.......

  4. Oh she's gonna be a masterpiece! I love everything about her- the expression on her- yes vain- face, the mirror with the poem and hooray the fingernails are back!
    Yay, can't wait to see her finished!

  5. Thank you ALL for the wonderful compliments. I so love this time of year.

    Emce...How do you celebrate Halloween? Always love to hear how other countries celebrate.


  6. This is beautiful, the eyes.
    I love halloween.
    We celebrate not like you do in the USA.
    But we do try to imitate you.